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Lessons learned from game design applied to LARPing.

I've been both a game designer and a LARPer* for many years now and have always felt like the two fields, despite being different in many important ways, can greatly benefit from each other.

Conversion of Imagination to Reality

Conversion of Imagination to Reality

How Outsourcing Increases An SMB’s Creditworthiness

An association's reliability relies upon its ability to work together ingeniously and its budgetary quality. Outsourcing tedious and costly procedures and capacities liberates the top management of an enterprise to focus on things that really matter and makes the organization more cost-efficient, better-sorted out and result- oriented.

Upcoming online 1v1 warrior game

It is my own game project as a part time work and I am sure my idea will drive me a big success. It is a online 1v1 game but I choose to avoid the Real time network communication, instead boom beach style game.
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