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How AI is Changing the Future of Web Development?

How Artificial Intelligence is changing the future of web development? What is the future of web development in 2020? AI is changing the future of web design and development.

Top 10 Reasons Why Businesses Are Migrating to Web Applications

Web applications are cheaper software solutions that are easy to build, maintain and scale up which offer almost zero downtime.

Important Rules While Wearing Tank Top For Men

By: Omer khan
Try to avoid wearing a layering style that is wearing a long t-shirt on it especially in hot summer weather.

Buy Women's Unstitched Fabric Exclusive Deals Only

By: Omer khan
Reasonable prices and soft fabric are the major benefits to shop from us...

Internet of Things (IoT): Change the face of your trucking industry!

Internet of things (IoT) has influenced the trucking industry in various ways by increasing transparency, improving efficiency and reducing downtime.

Top advantages of IoT mobile apps in various business domains

A British technology pioneer, Kevin Ashton, first coined the term, “Internet of Things (IoT)” in 1999 and today, this futuristic technology is rapidly gaining popularity. It offers unparalleled benefits to different industries like transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, retails, logistics, water, etc. IoT apps and related software systems assure more transparency, increased operational effi...

How Advanced Technology Helps Driver Retention in Trucking Industry

Drivers are the backbone of the trucking industry and driver retention is one of the biggest concerns. This article will explain why the trucking industry facing issues like driver shortage or driver retention?

How IoT Makes the Transportation Industry Smarter

Transportation and logistics industry are undergoing massive transformation after incorporation of IoT systems. By enabling real-time visibility of the goods, vehicles, drivers, etc., IoT in transportation results in higher transparency, safety and efficiency of all the operations.

Biz4Solutions Shines Among the Top IoT App Development Companies in Texas at GoodFirms

Biz4Solutions proves its excellence at GoodFirms, and it found a premium position among the top Internet of Things and mobile app development companies.

What can IoT based Transportation offer you?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is bringing multiple benefits and improvements in various sectors of the economy. Nowadays, majority of companies have switched to IoT and are willing to invest in it. According to a report in Gartner, more than 43% of the companies worldwide, have adopted IoT.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An IoT App?

The term Internet of Things has become a part and parcel of our lives. It is no longer restricted to the tech geeks rather IoT is now known to be famous and affordable by each one in the society. The trends in the market clearly show us that most of the companies have already adopted the internet of things technology for better opportunities and growth in their business.

Impact of IoT on Various Sectors

The organizations that comprehend the utilization cases and capability of IoT are the organizations that will probably drive advancement throughout the following 10 years. The above-mentioned examples clearly tell us that IoT has made it possible for different businesses to grow and it will continue to boom in various other sectors of the business.


The future of IoT will keep evolving with changing time. Almost all innovations will have IoT attached to them. Let’s get prepared to see the fantasy of completely automatic urban communities work in coordination with one another.


IoT systems affect businesses without user-centric privacy management systems.


By: Lemonadd
Near-field Communication, or NFC, is a connecting technology that works like magic to exchange information with just a tap. Here we explore what NFC is, how it works, and the possibilities it creates.

Smart Product Experiences

By: Lemonadd
With so many possibilities near-field communication provides - product authentication, registration, exclusive content to name a few - we list the top 10 applications to take your products and content to the next level.

NFC Makes Products Better

By: Lemonadd
Digitization is transforming the way we interact with each other and our world. So why aren’t the majority of products keeping pace with technological innovation?

what makes it smart?

By: Lemonadd
The term “smart product” is an ambiguous label that has come to encapsulate any sort of product that can process data and/or connect to the Internet. There has been no specific terminology coined around objects that specifically connect to the Internet via NFC. The closest label to describe such products is “NFC-enabled”, but widely, those objects become lumped into the smart product or “connec...

Importance of ICO Marketing and Its Tools for a Successful ICO

This Article explains about ICO Marketing tools those successful in ICO Marketing.

Best eCommerce Practices to Effectively Sell on BigCommerce Store

ECommerce industry is on its boom and is filled with many lucrative opportunities. Nowadays, it is not about what you sell but how you sell it is more important. There are always three main components of a website that needs attention- usability, visibility, and experience-driven commerce for better prospect.
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