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ODIO A MADURO: un album musical

Una pequeña descripción de lo que es el nuevo proyecto del activista venezolano José Rafael Cordero Sánchez con su album debut llamado Odio a Maduro.

No soporto esto más (canción)

No soporto esto más es una canción del cantante venezolano José Rafael Cordero Sánchez de su álbum musical llamado Odió a Maduro.

Best Guitar Patch Cables with Reviews

A patch cable is basically a small cable that connects pedals to one another. The advantage of patch cable is that it shortens the amount of total length that the signal of any guitar needs to travel through.

Las canciones de José Rafael Cordero Sánchez

El año 2020 no ha sido facil para nadie, pero para Jose Rafael Cordero Sánchez se le ocurrio hacer un álbum musical, quieres saber mas? Sigue leyendo.

Benefits of having Flat Patch Cables in Guitar

The guitar players rely heavily on pedals for experimenting and developing some unique sounds. Cables and Pedalboards both have a unique function. Cables are highly flexible and are able to pass through slots. There is a big difference between traditional and newer versions of pedalboards.

How To Choose Best Patch Cables for Guitar Pedals

While some people underestimate the role or essentiality of patch cables and Pedalboard Wiring, in actuality these cables are of great importance and can make a huge difference to the tone and quality of music being produced.

How are Flat Pedal Guitar Cables Better than a Traditional One?

To get the right tone out of your guitar, the right hardware tech support is required. A pedalboard is an extremely important investment if you want to get your music on point. But at the same time, deciding on the right pedalboard can be a tricky thing. We need our guitar pedalboards to deliver a few things at the very least – secure connection, pure tone, and low conductor resistance, along w...

Different Size of Cables to Manage Pedalboards

What if we told you that you could get a custom-sized patch cable set instead of traditional cable lengths for your pedalboard? Here is the ultimate patch cable kit for your pedalboard which can do wonders. The kit comes with a flat pedalboard cable of length 10 inches and you can cut it into precise lengths based on your requirements. These cables have right-angle plugs with 24 Karat gold plat...

What are the Different Types of Guitar Pedals

The task of choosing the right guitar pedal can be a little intimidating, especially if you are new to the world of guitar pedals. But before moving any further, you need to know and understand how exactly a guitar pedal impacts the sound and why do you need one.

Music services by Hashini Herath

About the services offered by Hashini Herath.

Music Production

Presentation of our work

make your own song

By: shweri
Full package producing + mixing + mastering + releasing at my own label and pages


People use words to communicate with each other in their daily lives. Using these words correctly and effectively is very important to express ourselves correctly

Pro Male British Accent Voice Over

Voice Over Talent & Acting

Self introduction

Hello. My name is Hlib Baisha and I’m a composer and a guitarist from Maastricht, Netherlands/Ukraine.

The Missing Sound

This is to all musicians. Music is not just met to give you money but to heal the hearts of others
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