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The Development of an Intergrated Organizational Training Strategy

Training is not an expense. It is an essential to the foundation of a successful organization. An effective training strategy reduces costs and motivates employees. Furthermore the organization retains the knowledge and experience of workers who leave the organization through knowledge management.

? Do You a PMO or PMO²

Innovation during project life cycle

A little bit more about Clickiri

Clickiri pioneered the concept of performance marketing and we go further than any other network in sharing knowledge, connections and analysis to increase sales and grow your business.

How To Secure your Home Network

i came across this article that was published by US.Cert and i think every one should follow it to secure their network!

Intelligent Process Management & Visualization Technologies

By: NooL
How process & data visualization tools can be combined and applied to various business domains in order to increase process awareness which will lead to intelligent process management.

Recent Events at General Electric That Are Shaping Its Future

These recent announcements and events at General Electric are changing the face of the company. How do you think this will affect the GE stock?

Four Key Points for Successful CRM Implementation

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a business management system that enables an organization to effectively manage its sales and marketing activities. CRM can drastically improve your organization's business results.

How to use VR without loosing reality

By: TooTouch
the dangers inherent in the use of augmented or virtual reality and what can we do to avoid them

PMO as a Purchasing Management Office

The role that PMO should play

a full web project life cycle

By: efrata.co
developing a new website or application? view a full project life cycle written by efrat aviv | apr 2016 web & application research market research ux wireframe, mockup, flow concept & ui design presentation & worksheet development to beta contract, qa & going onling

App owners must not micro manage software engineers!

By: Ido Niv
As the app owner you need to handle so many things that are related to your business. Managing software engineers is an intensive task and time consuming that one must handle and manage with great attention - on a daily level.

Why Your Startup Should Be Using a Database as a Service

By: Almog
When you're a startup, the most precious thing to you is time so why would you burn that time up administering a database in the cloud? In this article for the Compose Write Stuff program, Almog Koren talks about his experience doing that and how much better working with a Database-as-a-Service has been.

TV QAM analyzer

Tester features RF analysis capabilities and provides accurate measurements indicating modulation and transmission quality.

Importance Project Management

Project management is a growing field used increasingly by businesses of all sizes. As entrepreneurs and company executives deal with the daily responsibilities of managing an organization, it is important to use dedicated project managers to oversee projects from conception to completion. Understanding effective project management techniques helps organizations carry out large-scale projects o...

How to save time and avoid mistakes between footprints and orCAD Symbols and purchased parts?

The way to save time and avoid mistakes during board design process.

FriskyDSP Licenses its LTE L1 Small-Cell Extended Range Solution

By: FriskyDSP
FriskyDSP Technology Ltd., a leading embedded software engineering services and technology provider, today announced the licensing agreement for its LTE Layer 1 Small-Cell Extended Range solution to one of Latin America's foremost Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) R&D institutions. The agreement was fueled by a recent government regulation requiring 100% of rural areas up to 30 k...

E-commerce - How To Start with Php and Mysql

The article is about how to plan and build applications for the e-commerce world. it gives a basic overview on what to do and what NOT to do when planing and building. It also go over some technologies and methodologies to boost the project development.

Automated Testing Results in Error-Free and Sound Software

Today, automated testing has taken place of manual software testing. This method is more robust and gets completed within a very small time frame. Various tools are now available in the market for an automated software testing.

Avail The Best Of Software Testing Services At KiwiQA

Software testing is of great significance today. There are many companies that are offering software testing services to the clients. Many companies are also outsourcing testing tasks to other for many reasons.

Mobile App Testing Business Attracting Huge Returns

This article represents the importance and process of mobile app testing that eventually leads to build advanced operational apps across all Android powered mobile handsets.
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