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Top 10 Common Features of Project Management Application

Project management application helps your business to grow by making every project well organized. It increases workflow by keeping track of each task and maintaining the timeline. The project managers or team leads can therefore easily assign more work, plan the future tasks, guide the team, identify the problems and get the accomplished tasks within an estimated deadline.

“ Estimated Time ”- Helps you to meet project Deadline

Project management includes endless tasks and constant monitoring over the entire process. Depending upon the volume and length of work, a project manager plans for each project differently. In businesses that work on multiple projects simultaneously, keeping a track upon the whole work becomes a challenge.

How to Manage Your Time Efficiently

Time management is one of the key skills to master in any profession. In this post you will find a few tips that might help you to manage your time more efficiently.

Task group : a cool feature that helps you to organize your team performance

In businesses that are dependent upon teamwork, it is essential to evaluate the team performance on a regular basis. Sometimes, this evaluation becomes quite difficult and the team management requires being more organized and simplified. To help you in this, project management tools become handy as these tools offer you multiple astounding features to manage team performance with high accuracy.

Task Closet : The Secret of Effective Project Management

A successful business depends upon project management and if your business deals with multiple projects simultaneously, it might be difficult to maintain the workflow on a regular basis. No more worries as today, you have access to the project management tools or software that can handle every aspect of project management including task distribution, budgeting, time tracking, team collaboration...

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Project Management Tool

A project management tool can make the work way easier for both the employees and the project managers. Here are the ten reasons that determine the necessity of using a project management tool for your esteemed business. Read on to know about the advantages that your business will gain if you choose a good quality project management tool.

How the Mobile Application Development Has Changed? What is expected in 2017?

The business trends today have changed dramatically and everyone are in a full throttle towards mobile applications.

Product Design by Solidworks

By: Goodman
1. Project Management. 2. Electronic Product Structure Design. 3. Chinese and English translation. 4. Customer collaboration.

Get Escort service in Delhi and become strong entertainer

You may be willing to visit to the nightclubs, bars or restaurants where the clients can pretty easily be able to have fun and romance in the most fulfilling way through escort service in Delhi.

Pilot for agile project at a finance enterprise: product owner point of view

m a system analyst in a finance organization. Half a year ago we started a pilot of managing a project using agile methodology.  The agile team consists of developers, QA, customer and system analyst. We started with a workshop that provided the whole team with the basics of Scrum methodology and hands on experience with the tool we use to manage the Scrum process; TFS - Team Foundation Server ...

The need for speed – why Project duration is “only the symptom”

.After all, projects don’t stand for themselves, they are a representation of everything that is superior or inferior in the organization, everything that is superior or inferior in... us . To shorten projects, look for those things that prevent fast, flawless, streamlined execution.

What Do Best Sanitary Gauge Manufacturers Offer?

These companies offer specially designed sanitary gauges that meet the exclusive requirements of various industries.

10 Creative Logo Design Ideas to Boost Your Business

A professional logo design can look stunning with the line art that is drawn using the pen tool in the Illustrator. It will create a clean and thin shaped logo design that will make your brand appealing to the customers.

Беларусь - от динозавров, до Лукашенко...

By: Simkin
A brief overview of Pro-Russian format of the pre-election situation in Belarus

Between Project Coordination, Operation and Regulation

PMO as the win card of the project - Joker

? Do You a PMO or PMO²

Innovation during project life cycle

A little bit more about Clickiri

Clickiri pioneered the concept of performance marketing and we go further than any other network in sharing knowledge, connections and analysis to increase sales and grow your business.

PMO as a Purchasing Management Office

The role that PMO should play

a full web project life cycle

By: efrata.co
developing a new website or application? view a full project life cycle written by efrat aviv | apr 2016 web & application research market research ux wireframe, mockup, flow concept & ui design presentation & worksheet development to beta contract, qa & going onling

App owners must not micro manage software engineers!

By: AppNiv
As the app owner you need to handle so many things that are related to your business. Managing software engineers is an intensive task and time consuming that one must handle and manage with great attention - on a daily level.
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