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How to Boost Your Business Using Augmented and Virtual Reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality encounters are changing the manner in which organizations are connecting with their clients and even their workers.

How to build an Augmented Reality Mobile App for iOS & Android?

Augmented reality turns out to be better known in the application field. The augmented reality app is better for instruction, travel, retail and different enterprises. The business acquires advantage to build a Augmented Reality app in the present situation.


AR and VR may offer extraordinary solutions to companies in many industries..


VR and AR are the best marketing tools that create another dimension for the user.

Intelligent Apps? What is that really and how it is a Future Technology- Thinkwik

The technology is evolving rapidly, from the 1998 Symbian operating system, now discontinued, to the Android Pie and iOS 11. Apps and operating systems are upgrading almost every month now. This is an era of artificial intelligence and machine learning, so why should not the apps use the latest technology and high-class products! With this thought, the conception of intelligent apps took place....

Conversion of Imagination to Reality

Conversion of Imagination to Reality

I’m Sorry, Siri can’t come to the phone right now

By: AR
Getting our Digital Assistants, our AIs to start answering our phone calls for us.

Books and eBook on Augmented Reality

By: SysBunny
Augmented Reality means virtual objects augment the actual or physical reality by superimposing virtual reality on the views of viewers who are looking at real-world objects or environment.

How to use VR without loosing reality

By: TooTouch
the dangers inherent in the use of augmented or virtual reality and what can we do to avoid them
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