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Prince Magdoxh company

This is the best company in Africa that provides all Technology services from software development to networking ,with skilled personal with passion and creativity, that is why we provide good softwares in Africa that get ranked as the best softwares which meet the international standard organization standards.

3 Things You Should Do For Better Online Security

By: VeePN
To save you your non-public statistics from stepping into the incorrect fingers, there are a few smooth measures you could take to shield your statistics. One of them is simply through typing a further letter!

Reasons Stating Why CCTV Surveillance Cameras are Integral Part of Our Life

Safety and security are the essential elements to lead peaceful life. In today’s era you can’t be sure that you feel fully secured and safe as there are innumerable thefts and crime happening around us.

Be smart and keep yourself and your family real safe with CCTV surveillance cameras

Closed-circuit television cameras are an integral part of the home, office, cafeteria, restaurants, parking lots and any other places that need special attention and security.

The Best Locations to Place Your CCTV Cameras at Home

There is no dissenting from the fact that imposters and thieves are roaming out there who are possibly a threat to both personal as well as public property.

Make Your Home a Safer Place Using Surveillance Cameras

Security surveillance cameras can play an integral role in preventing future robberies and thefts from happening in your beloved home and keep unwanted guests away.

Advantages of using CCTV Camera Systems in different businesses

The world is becoming increasingly intelligent, and organizations around the world also use smart technology.

Why Security DVR Recorders are so popular?

CCTV Security System is one of the most commonly found machines that people get installed not just in commercial properties but also in residential ones.

VPN-Virtual Private Network

VPN, fully called Virtual Private Network, is translated as a wireless virtual private network, which is mainly used to establish a private network on the public network for encrypted communication.

Why are industrial routers so popular?

Industrial-grade wireless routers use high-performance 32-bit industrial-grade processors, which are widely used in finance, electric power, postal service, water conservancy, environmental protection, meteorology and other industries.

Gateway Features

In order to correctly and efficiently route packets, the core gateway needs to know what is happening in other parts of the Internet, including routing information and subnet characteristics.

CCTV Security Cameras - Third Eye Of A Man

It was in 1942 when the world saw its first Closed-Circuit Television Camera (CCTV), which was invented and installed by German scientists who wanted to record the launch footage of their V-2 rockets.

The Strategies of Passwords

By: C-Soteria
This article explaining how to use passwords strategy in organizations.

How Federal Agencies Can Improve Their Cybersecurity Efforts in The Coming Year

Over the past few years, data security breaches have impacted both the public and private sector. Here are some things federal agencies can do in the next year to improve their cybersecurity efforts.

Browsers should respect our privacy

By: AskRona
Increased state surveillance, countless security breaches and widespread concern about data sharing have spooked many of us into wanting to protect our privacy more than ever.

Upcoming online 1v1 warrior game

It is my own game project as a part time work and I am sure my idea will drive me a big success. It is a online 1v1 game but I choose to avoid the Real time network communication, instead boom beach style game.

How to Sync Outlook Tasks with your Iphone

Would you like to take your Outlook tasks on the road with you? Have an Iphone and frustrated over the lack of support for task synchronization? See how to set this up for free in this article

10 Tips for Securing Your Systems and Data

With this list, I set out to inform you of the steps you can take to secure your systems and data. Once you look through, I think you'll be struck by how little effort is required to make your data more secure.
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