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Pursue DevOps Certification And Fulfill Your Dreams

Earning a certification in DevOps prepares an individual to opt for better career options. This growing domain is capable of removing the boundaries between software developers and operations. One can become an expert in DevOps and helps an organization to meet the technological standards. To earn expertise in the respective domain, it is better to register for DevOps certification training in ...

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Developing and releasing software can be a tedious process, challenges arises more as projects grow. To develop, test, and release software in a hassle-free way, developers and organizations have created two related but distinct strategies to manage and automate these processes which is termed as Dev-ops. Check out the insights to know more.

Building A Drupal 8 Website With A Lottery Purchase System

Team AddWeb has worked for a distinctive list of industries counting from hospitability to technology and retailers to an online lottery purchase system based website. Yes, we recently collaborated with a Japan-based company to build their website with lottery purchase system, using Drupal 8. We’ve been Drupal-ing even before our inception and have been an active member of the Drupal community,...
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