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Best Free Consulting Business Scheduling Software 2020

If you are a consultant or a consulting firm looking for scheduling software that fits in your business, you are in the right place. Picktime is essentially free with virtually no limitations. Second, it comes with all the necessary tools – not just a database of your prospects or existing clients, but invoices, automated reminders, and customized dashboards as well. Thirdly, it is a collaborat...

Automated Testing Results in Error-Free and Sound Software

Today, automated testing has taken place of manual software testing. This method is more robust and gets completed within a very small time frame. Various tools are now available in the market for an automated software testing.

Avail The Best Of Software Testing Services At KiwiQA

Software testing is of great significance today. There are many companies that are offering software testing services to the clients. Many companies are also outsourcing testing tasks to other for many reasons.

Mobile App Testing Business Attracting Huge Returns

This article represents the importance and process of mobile app testing that eventually leads to build advanced operational apps across all Android powered mobile handsets.

TPI - Test Process Improvement

By: QualiTest
Test Process Improvement (TPI*) is a structured assessment of an organization's testing maturity with a view to improving its overall testing and QA effectiveness and efficiency. It allows you to evaluate the current status of your QA and testing processes according to 20 key dimensions (Key Areas). TPI offers insight regarding the "maturity" of your test processes and, based on this ...

KDT - Keyword Driven Testing

By: QualiTest
Has this ever happened to you? An automation test tool vendor meets you for a presentation. The demonstration illustrates how testing can be executed virtually overnight without human intervention. Taking it one step further, a real script is recorded on your system. The conclusion of the presentation is a lucrative ROI plan that can save you most of your testing budget. Wait, don`t pack you...
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