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5G - What benefits you get and how it works?

Much of the hype around 5G has to do with speed. But there are other perks, too. 5G will have greater bandwidth

The performance of 4g router in industrial area

With the development of science and technology and the advancement of industry, the influence of industrial 4g router in the whole field of industrial intelligence is increasing.

The difference between 4g router and 4g DTU device

In the field of the Internet of Things, industrial 4G routers and 4G DTUs are frequently used devices that function as long-distance data transmission.

M2M Router - E-Lins Technology

Machine to machine refers to direct communication between devices using any communications channel,

Features of wireless communication 4g sim card router

E-Lins’ 4g sim card router can also be used as data Transfer unit (DTU),

Steps to install Reboot a Router and Modem

Follow the short process below for the best possible chance of improving the situation.

4G Industrial router

Accompany with economy’s development, various kinds of industrial devices or CPE are installed in M2M and IoT.

Current status of 4G industrial router

In the eyes of many people, 4G routers only have "military grade", which means the highest level of product quality, but this is not the case.

Application of 4g router with ethernet in monitoring field

Due to the widespread operation of 4G networks, 4G routers have been widely used in complex working environments such as high temperatures and extreme cold,

How fast is 4G?

4G offers maximum real-world download speeds up to around 100Mbps, making it over 20 times faster than 3G.

The composition of industrial wireless router

Routing involves two basic actions: determining the best path and transmitting information through the network.

Benefits of 4g sim card router on transmission lines

The advantages of 4g sim card router come into play in the context of vast territory, long transmission lines,

We are expecting 5G

5G is the hottest word in 2019, everybody around is mentioning 5G. Then what is the 5G? And what 5G will bring our daily life?

Considerations in choosing a router with sim card slot 4g

While choosing a router with sim card slot 4G we have to know some important point like Price, stability, technical support, product chip, Extensibility and more.

Industrial wireless storage router with wifi in IOT apply

The difference between a storage router and a network router is that the routing of the storage router data uses a storage protocol

Do M2M Devices need 4G LTE?

Do machine-to-machine (M2M) applications like sensors, card readers, and IP cameras need 4G LTE? The answer is yes.

Transparent transmission function of industrial routers

Transparent transmission module, can rapid convergence intelligent transformation and upgrading of products

Industrial Wireless Router Routing Protocol Wants To Achieve Its Goals

You can imagine that if each industrial wireless router stores the information needed for each destination point that can be reached from its nodes

Choosing a 4g industrial router with VPN function

Industrial wireless 4g router, can support VPN function like IPsec, L2TP PPTP, they are suitable for 4G LTE wireless network and compatible to 3G/2G. Built-in watchdog, wireless radio and sim card slot.

Wireless 4g Router with Ethernet for Enterprise Apply

Wireless 4G router with ethernet is a kind of router with a 4G digital module for 4G network. 4G/LTE router is a wireless gateway for your wireless terminals to access the internet.
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