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4G Industrial Router – E-Lins Technology

The LTE router is an industrial IoT high-speed router that uses a high-performance industrial-grade 32-bit communications processor and industrial-grade wireless modules.

GPS-aided GEO Augmented Navigation (GAGAN)

There are many kinds of GPS used worldwide, such as GPS/GNSS/Galileo/Beidou. GPS is most popular worldwide, GNSS is mainly used in Russia, while Galileo is well known in Europe, Beidou is widely used in China.

What is Captive Portal?

So what is captive portal? A captive portal is a web page accessed with a web browser that is displayed to newly connected users of a Wi-Fi network before they are granted broader access to network resources.

Dual Band Wi-Fi Router

Nowadays dual band Wi-Fi is a popular word. In wireless networking, dual-band equipment is capable of transmitting in either of two different standard frequency ranges.

VRRP Function on Industrial Grade Router

VRRP is a selection protocol that dynamically assigns the responsibilities of a virtual router to one of the VRRP routers on the LAN.

4G DTU Functions – E-Lins Technology

The 4G DTU encapsulates the PHCP dial-up protocol and the TCP/IP stack and has an embedded operating system.

The difference between a gateway and a router

A gateway is a computer system or device that ACTS as a transformation agent.

Call forwarding - A boon for globetrotters

So, you are traveling for work or pleasure. While you are exploring the world, your landline phone back home is continuously ringing as no one is there to pick it up. Or While you are in Europe, your US phone number is not working due to the international roaming issues, and you are missing all your important calls.

Why are industrial routers so popular?

Industrial-grade wireless routers use high-performance 32-bit industrial-grade processors, which are widely used in finance, electric power, postal service, water conservancy, environmental protection, meteorology and other industries.

Improve your Business potential with heavy duty applications

aprgrabs producing unit and experienced technocrats, Our Engineers has exceeded expectations in the assembling and fare of development hardware like Clamshell Bucket, EOT Cranes (Double and Single brace), Jib cranes.

Smart Work-spaces - transforming the work-space environment.

IoT backed work-spaces will act very different than the traditional ones, where everything from your chair to fax machine will be connected to IoT ecosystem. Smart work-space is an IoT vertical that encapsulates products and systems which connect between employees and their work environments. It includes solutions for employee wellness and safety as-well-as increased productivity, security and ...

IGTV vs Youtube battle

By: Newslat
Instagram's IGTV could soon become a reason to the end of youtube dominance. However, Instagram has not yet launched its monetization feature, so the youtube downfall is not going to happen anytime soon. Though the igtv vs youtube battle game is strong.

Top 10 cool gift for your boss who have everything

By: Newslat
Choosing a gift for your boss can be a tough task. Choosing the RIGHT cool gifts for boss could be TOUGHER! To ease your pain a little, we have made an article on the top 10 cool gift for your boss that might save your day. This article is for all those who have been struggling to find that right gift for their boss.

15 Best accessories for car that you actually need

By: Newslat
Whether its best car accessories for a road trip or a habit of collecting the best accessory for a car, having the best car gadgets sometimes aids a lot in any situation. For deeper information on the cool car accessories for guys visit our website to know more about the best accessories for your car. We have all the details.

Smart Workspaces – an emerging submarket of Internet of Things

Smart workspace is an IoT submarket that encapsulates products and systems that link between employees their work environments and the digital space. It includes products such as Smart Furniture, Smart control over Utilities, Smart Tags, Smart Equipment, Mixed reality glasses and many other examples

Best Wired & Bluetooth headphones under 5000 in India 2018

By: Newslat
In this article, we have enlisted top 8 wired and Bluetooth headphones under 5000. Those who are looking for ₹ 5000 headphones can click on this article to know what the best headsets below rs 5000 are.

Technical Support For Lenovo

Our team is young, full of motivation, innovative and energized. We have manifested the awesome technical skills of our technicians and believe in presenting customized and rendered support services to our clients in accordance with time and try to deliver it in the best possible way.

Drone protagonation

By: UDTech
An Article about drone usage in the world.

How to Change your caller ID

Is your landlord avoiding your calls? Are your debtors not answering the phone? Learn how to change your caller ID in this article

How to Sync Outlook Tasks with your Iphone

Would you like to take your Outlook tasks on the road with you? Have an Iphone and frustrated over the lack of support for task synchronization? See how to set this up for free in this article
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