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Top 6 Technology Trends that Are Revolutionizing Travel and Tourism Industry

By: Reforbes
Many new technologies have come onto the market in recent years. From portable to voice search to chatbots, these technologies are changing the way the travel and tourism industry communicates with their customers.

The need for speed – why Project duration is “only the symptom”

.After all, projects don’t stand for themselves, they are a representation of everything that is superior or inferior in the organization, everything that is superior or inferior in... us . To shorten projects, look for those things that prevent fast, flawless, streamlined execution.

Between Project Coordination, Operation and Regulation

PMO as the win card of the project - Joker

? Do You a PMO or PMO²

Innovation during project life cycle

How to save time and avoid mistakes between footprints and orCAD Symbols and purchased parts?

The way to save time and avoid mistakes during board design process.

How to keep outlook synced between multiple computers

Do you have Outlook running on your Desktop and Laptop? Would you like to keep them in sync? No Exchange Server? No problem Find out here..

10 Tips for Securing Your Systems and Data

With this list, I set out to inform you of the steps you can take to secure your systems and data. Once you look through, I think you'll be struck by how little effort is required to make your data more secure.

Top Tech Tips for Olim

The following advice can help you assess which technical gear you should (and should not) bring with you to Israel
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