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Customized ERP for Retail Company

Our best Retail ERP , ensure security by using permissions features so that users can be given the access they need. We have implemented RenoERP for companies in the Retails, Whole Sales, General Trading, Distribution, Service Providers, E-Commerce and Hospitality sectors.

SAP B1 Company in Chennai- Retail Software Companies in Chennai

We are one of the best Sap B1 Company in Chennai providing powerful data processing in the industrial sectors. We are having the talented and experienced professional teams in our SAP B1 partners in Chennai

Intelligent Process Management & Visualization Technologies

By: NooL
How process & data visualization tools can be combined and applied to various business domains in order to increase process awareness which will lead to intelligent process management.

Four Key Points for Successful CRM Implementation

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a business management system that enables an organization to effectively manage its sales and marketing activities. CRM can drastically improve your organization's business results.


Senior Project Planner, with More than 19 Years experience of handling/coordinating large Project/crews.

How to keep outlook synced between multiple computers

Do you have Outlook running on your Desktop and Laptop? Would you like to keep them in sync? No Exchange Server? No problem Find out here..
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