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By: Lemonadd
Near-field Communication, or NFC, is a connecting technology that works like magic to exchange information with just a tap. Here we explore what NFC is, how it works, and the possibilities it creates.

Smart Product Experiences

By: Lemonadd
With so many possibilities near-field communication provides - product authentication, registration, exclusive content to name a few - we list the top 10 applications to take your products and content to the next level.

NFC Makes Products Better

By: Lemonadd
Digitization is transforming the way we interact with each other and our world. So why aren’t the majority of products keeping pace with technological innovation?

what makes it smart?

By: Lemonadd
The term “smart product” is an ambiguous label that has come to encapsulate any sort of product that can process data and/or connect to the Internet. There has been no specific terminology coined around objects that specifically connect to the Internet via NFC. The closest label to describe such products is “NFC-enabled”, but widely, those objects become lumped into the smart product or “connec...
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