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An In-Depth Guide To Hiring Angular.js Developers

By: Ebizneeds
The angular framework is growing fast and getting more popular each day, so the demand for Angular.js developers is increasing as well. The benefits of working with expertise and experienced Angular developers are the development of the best custom business solutions with ease and convenience, security, and quick fix of technical issues.

8 Values of Angular JS for Web Application Development

AngularJS advantages make this framework simpler and faster than any other framework, and because of these AngularJS advantages, it has gained a lot of popularity in internet growth.  All the good things about AngularJS are important to know before you start working with it. If you have an excellent understanding of JavaScript, it will probably be simple so that you can be taught; in any oth...

Angular vs. React - Which to take for your web Application?

JavaScript developers agree that the proper framework can save weeks of production time. Design - write less code and ship a functional front-end faster. You're here to learn the practical differences between Angular and React so you can choose the proper framework for your project, which has strong community support and speeds up app development. Sit back because this guide will help you m...

8 advantages of using AngularJS for web application development

AngularJS is an excellent framework for developing high-quality dynamic web applications. Developers can save a lot of time and resources by working on their projects with AngularJS.

Angular Vs VueJs: Which One You Should Pick For Creating Splendid App Solution 

Angular Vs VueJs is hot topic among enterprises to choose for creating a splendid app user experience as they cater incredible features and tools sets. Moreover, enable speed fast development by offering higher scalability.

React vs Angular, which is more popular among JavaScript developers?

React and Angular offer completely different ways to develop web applications for startups, SMEs, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Both technologies are widespread and adaptable, but neither is right or wrong, famous or not. Ultimately, it depends on the goals of the custom application and the specific constraints of the system. Programmers can switch from React and vice versa.

Key benefits and use cases of Angular

Frontend developers love this all-time leading framework because of the consistent code structure it maintains, the bi-directional data binding, the code reusability for using simple javascript object templates. Angular allows developers to write code with more superficial structures without third-party intervention or external support. It simplifies code writing with better facilitation of...

Build Ultra-modern Web Apps with Angular Material

At the Google I/O Conference back in 2014, Google announced Material Design, their new design language. They have since converted much of their popular applications to adhere to this new spec in an effort to provide a consistent experience. Now they are trying to convince you to follow along as well.

Angular JS Benefits & Use case Scenarios :

This article describes the Angular JS benefits & use case scenarios.

Key elements of Angular JS Development Every Developer should know

This article describes the key elements of Angular JS which every developer must know about it.

Common Mistakes to avoid while using Angular JS

This article describes the common mistakes to avoid while using Angular JS.

Awesome Angular JS features you must Know

Features of AngularJS you need to know.

How to choose the Right technology stack : MEAN vs LAMP

MEAN vs LAMP choosing the right technology stack for your web application is one of the crucial and challenging issues while developing web apps.The war between MEAN and LAMP started long back and still ongoing.Choosing one of them entirely depends on your project requirements.Here is a article regarding its major differences and benefits. Check out below.

Why Build Mobile apps with Angular

Angular has emerged out to be one of the best frameworks for building mobile apps across all major platforms.There are many features that Angular perfectly matches into mobile developer's toolbox. When you find the compelling benefits of Angular you might consider building your next mobile app with angular. Check out the benefits below :

Why Angular is the Best framework

AngularJS is a very powerful JavaScript framework designed and maintained by Google. It is built specifically to overcome the various limitations of existing technologies in one seamlessly integrated package. Here are the top reasons why Angular JS is preferably the better framework than others.

Angular vs React : Key Differences

With so many JavaScript frameworks available for server-side and client-side Angular and React are popular among them. Here are the key differences between the two to help you choose them effectively for your next project.

iKantam (Belarus) mobile, web application development is looking for outsource projects

By: iKantam
iKantam is a full service mobile, web application outsource development company with main headquarters in Minsk, Belarus ( Europe) having subsidiary offices in USA and Sweden is looking for projects in Java, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Spree Commerce PHP: Zend, Symfony, Laravel, Magento NodeJS ReactJS, AngularJS, BackboneJS, MeteorJS, BabelJS Kotlin, Swift, iOS, Android, React Mobile/ web UI/...

iKantam outsource web and mobile development company

By: iKantam
I represent iKantam (Belarus),a full service mobile, web application outsource development company. We are looking for projects in Java, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Spree Commerce PHP: Zend, Symfony, Laravel, Magento NodeJS ReactJS, AngularJS, BackboneJS, MeteorJS, BabelJS Kotlin, Swift, iOS, Android, React Mobile/ web UI/ UX, design, wireframes Elastic Search PostgreSQL, mySQL, Mongo TDD...

Not Just a Software Development Company

By: AppNiv
In addition to providing a superior product, we work closely with our clients – guiding their product management from the earliest stages of development to the final stages of launching and refinement

Is Facebook becoming Apple?

By: AppNiv
One of the easiest things for developers to do to speed up their login authentication on their applications was to integrate with Facebook’s login process. Then all a user had to do to submit their data to your application was to click on a “Login with Facebook” button and then they were done. This was easy because Facebook basically had a little checklist for developers to fill in. If you f...
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