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How to know the application of the knowledge gained by a big data online course

Xebia Academy offers big data online course or they provide big data training.

7+ Top Python Development Companies Employing AI For The Upcoming Projects

Have a view at the  7+ Top Python Development Companies and choose one suiting your business-standard. The organization names which are stated here have a good name in the market.


The Node vs. Python dilemma has been around for a while, and since both are still evolving, this question will continue to be relevant. Rest assured that both are excellent choices for their particular use cases. If you need a memory-intensive and data-intensive project that does not require too much code, choose Node. It's designed in such a way that small projects can make up a larger pro...

Top Frontend Programming Languages to Create an Impressive Interface

The frontend is synonymous with the user interface. The better it is, the better it is for the website owner. Let us check out the top frontend languages to create an impressive UI.

Prince Magdoxh company

This is the best company in Africa that provides all Technology services from software development to networking ,with skilled personal with passion and creativity, that is why we provide good softwares in Africa that get ranked as the best softwares which meet the international standard organization standards.

Automatic broiler temperature measuring by thermal camera

Heat stress of broilers in commercial broiler-houses decreases their productivity and thusfarm profitability. Climate control systems use sensors measuring the temperature aroundthe broilers, which can be different from the actual body temperature of the broilers. In thisresearch, a method estimating the body temperature of an individual broiler was designedand validated for commercial broiler-...

Django development guidelines by Initech

We would like to share some of our internal Django development guidelines with the community. We bring to you some of the guidelines that we established for our internal development process. We believe that they can be applied in most of the server-side projects to their benefit, as long as they are developed using Django. We hope it will help you to make the most of the beautiful and powe...


Today there are many popular and sophisticated web-programming languages. All of them, without doubt, deserve a close attention and have undeniable advantages. Every company and every task requires a special solution, that’s why we need them all. But what is so special about Python if, as everybody knows, it was chosen by such companies as Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Dropbox, Spotify, Quora, ...
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