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5 Books on e-Learning in digital

Entering e-Learning requires a lot of preparation on the part of the teacher, especially the development of technical skills for the management of the technology that it requires, so today we bring you 5 books about e-Learning.

Why mobile app is important for your business ?

A mobile app allows a business to directly communicate with its customer. In-app purchases, ads, and promotions have a greater impact on the customer as compared to roadside banners, social media ads, and email marketing.

5 Careers You Can Pursue With a Marketing Degree

By: david fre
Meanwhile, studying marketing at a graduate level would definitely make you think about the careers opportunities you have in your hands. And you wouldn’t be surprised to know there are a number of careers you can pursue once you get done with your graduation.

How to Choose the Perfect Cake for your Celebration

By: johnsingh
Finding a perfect cake is a daunting task, especially when you have you so many options to choose from. There are plenty of flavors’ and very few days left before your celebration, so how do you make a decision in this scenario.

How to save time and avoid mistakes between footprints and orCAD Symbols and purchased parts?

The way to save time and avoid mistakes during board design process.

Logical Delete

Using the 'DELETE' statement erases the row definitely and there is no way to restore the rows. That’s what we call Physical Delete. But here is a faster way - to remark the rows as deleted rows. This is calling Logical Delete or Application Delete.
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