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Vice president of national rifle association of india

As the final results of NRAI’s Office Bearers and members of Governing Body elections were declared on Saturday, Telangana Rifle Association president Mr. Amit Sanghi was elected as the “Vice President of National Rifle Association of India for 2021-2025 term with the highest votes in NRAI elections

Flutter App Development: Pros and Cons for Enterprises

Flutter is a cross-platform application framework used to build robust mobile applications. Since flutter is a new emerging technology, it has a lot to offer like hot reload feature, faster development, full customization support, and high performance. In this article, I have listed below some top pros and cons for Flutter.

Why Should Android & iOS App Developers Opt For Flutter In 2021?

If you are a developer and hunting for the right tool to develop an app for both Android or iOS, then Flutter is a good choice. But why you should pick this only, and what features it holds; for this, read the complete blog.
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