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createContext vs. createObjectContext

When you use the React ecosystem, you really do not want all the components to get re-render in any application change. So you use something like 'React.memo' to prevent a re-render of a component if there is no change in data that have relation to the component.

useState vs. useSuperState

In recent days I have uploaded a new library called hooks-for-react. It contains my collection of hooks, for public use. One of the main hooks in my collection is the useSuperState hook. It allows you other options to change the state alongside the setState operation.

New Hooks for React

collection of hooks for React.js, that take the native hooks to the next level

The Advantages of React JS: The Best Reasons to Choose it

There are many benefits to React and multiple reasons why it is a valuable tool for many development companies right now, React is taking over the reins of front-end development because many applications developed in this library.

Angular vs. React - Which to take for your web Application?

JavaScript developers agree that the proper framework can save weeks of production time. Design - write less code and ship a functional front-end faster. You're here to learn the practical differences between Angular and React so you can choose the proper framework for your project, which has strong community support and speeds up app development. Sit back because this guide will help you m...

Front End Growth Trends 2021

We have the opportunity to examine a critical trend that is here to stay: simplicity. We've also considered that the best 2021 front-end technologies that fit into this trend, such as Vue.js and Gatsby, will undoubtedly take advantage of it to gain popularity; however, this in no way means that Google or Facebook-backed frameworks destined to disappear. It simply means that they too must ad...

5 Proven Steps to Hire ReactJS Developer to Build Highly Engaging Web Apps

ReactJS has become the most preferred library for build highly engaging web apps. Read this 5-point step guide to hire the best reactjs developer.

The easiest and best ways to clean a swimming pool

Keeping a swimming pool clean is very important and it is one of the most important aspects of swimming pool maintenance. There are many ways to maintain a swimming pool regardless of its size, type or shape.

React Mobile Development : The Golden MEAN

This article describes about React Mobile development.

Angular vs React : Key Differences

With so many JavaScript frameworks available for server-side and client-side Angular and React are popular among them. Here are the key differences between the two to help you choose them effectively for your next project.
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