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Track Your Website Traffic Free with Google

If you have your own website then you might get worried about how to track the daily internet traffic daily.

SEO Vs. PPC: Which is the Right Choice for You?

This is an all too common question that businesses have to grapple with when developing marketing strategies. Making the right decisions about how to allocate your marketing budget can be difficult for a variety of reasons, including: 1. There are a lot of misconceptions about SEO and PPC; 2. The majority of the information on the web is biased; 3. Both of these techniques are constantly evolvi...

Facebook ads vs Paid Search

For some time now, Facebook ads have been all the rage. Practically every company is looking to capitalize on the Facebook phenomenon. This is especially true of businesses who are new to the digital world and unaware that there are other options.

Turbo Charge Display Network!

Diving into the Google Display Network (GDN) isn’t necessarily for the faint of heart. There are a lot of different aspects to consider when trying to design compelling and affordable ads that will attract potential customers and bring visitors to your site. Monitoring and balancing all the different variables can be a challenge, especially if you are also trying to keep up with the daily tasks...

Content For Lifestyle Blog

I wrote some articles for a fitness and lifestyle blog as a freelancer


Gurukul bhopal is the first store in india dedicated to "Students",We have a chain of 5 specialized retail stores in Bhopal. We offer quality school uniform in bhopal at affordable prices. We offer great variety in bags, bottles, lunch boxes, stationery, games, sports items, art and craft, office stationery, books, gift items and more.

Top Social Media Marketing Strategies That Slays Your Competition

Here in this post, we would be discussing best social media marketing tactics by using those you can boost your business globally and can beat your Business rivals in a digital style.

Frequently Asked Questions jobleja - How do I know what you have applied to?

By: jobleja
Find And Apply Jobs On Your Behalf - Jobleja


By: SwagHippo
SwagHippo Shopping website in India Find it, love it, buy it! ( SwagHippo.com ) SwagHippo is the most popular e-commerce website in India. it is one of the fastest going online shopping website in India. By far the most amazing and superior customer service. SwagHippo is known for best -quality products at cheap prices online. The discounts and pricing on  SwagHippo website might even surpr...

Importance of ICO Marketing and Its Tools for a Successful ICO

This Article explains about ICO Marketing tools those successful in ICO Marketing.

Make Your film blockbuster With film Promotion

Get Millions of Real visitors to your film trailer quickly and affordably. With the help of the latest film Promotion and marketing research, social media, search engine optimization and algorithm analysis concepts, we have produced some of the most effective Promotions services in the world to date. http://filmpromotion.in/

SEO Company | SMM Company | PPC Company in India - Sathya Technosoft

Want to be listed on Google Search Engine Rankings? Then choose our SEO Company in India. We offer the best digital solutions for your business. With the best PPC services you can reach your audience when they are looking for you.Social Media Marketing Company provides the best digital marketing solutions for the better establishment of your company at the most affordable price possible.Contact...

Buy Laptop | Best Laptop | Laptops for Sale at Discount Offer Prices - Sathya

Buy laptop online at super discount offer prices only at Sathya Online Shopping. We have wide collections of latest branded laptops, call us now to purchase.

LED TV Sale | LED TV Offers | Buy LED TV Online - SATHYA.in

Buy the best branded LED TV at Sathya Online Shopping. Sathya online offers best deals on LED TV. Take your best branded LED TV at super discount sale with Sathya Online Shopping. We have all latest collection and we offer our clients at best price possible.Grab the leading LED TV. Now give life to your home entertainment with purchasing the Best Smart LED TV .To buy the Best Smart LED TV, reac...

Buy Best Inverter AC Online | Inverter AC - SATHYA

Buy inverter ac Online at best price only at Sathya Online Shopping. We have varied collections of inverter AC brands. Buy inverter Air Conditioner Online at best price only at Sathya Online Shopping.


Whether you have started a new business or you have an established one, chances are that you will consult a digital marketing company to deal with your marketing requirements. Most of the companies have abandoned the traditional forms of marketing for the prospects of digital marketing

6 Highly effective digital marketing tips for attracting millennials

Millennial are the trendsetters of the modern world. They are of most value to any marketing business. When compared to other generations today, the millennial have a resolute buying power.

Increase efficiency and Reduce Cost by Outsourcing Digital Marketing, SEO, SMO, PPC to Digiwebart

Jaipur Alumnus, the plans Digiwebart has bought for its clients has many variations and offer basic to advanced level of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing to Paid Marketing Management services.

Why digital marketers are the best advisors for your online business

More often than not, an entrepreneur has to wear more than one hat to successfully run a business. Not just sales, you will find them caught up in various things- production, customer service, logistics, etc.

Social Media Marketing and Business

Social media marketing is a powerful tool for your business. Customers are interacting with brands through social media. Great marketing on social media can bring remarkable success to your business.
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