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An Advanced Recruitment Management Software

Recruitment management software is designed to automate your recruiting system. Develop an online applicant tracking system software with our recruitment php script in less time.

How to Manage Your Time Efficiently

Time management is one of the key skills to master in any profession. In this post you will find a few tips that might help you to manage your time more efficiently.

Advantages of NDIS

Some of the advantages of becoming an NDIS provider

5 Key Features Your HR Software Must Have

By: factoHR
Do you know how investing in HR software is going to benefit your business? While the central principle of a right HR solution is to make human resources management more organized and effective, it has been difficult to calculate the concrete benefits that the HR team, team leaders, employees and top management receive after the implementation of an HR solution until today.

6 Benefits of Cloud based Payroll Software for Any Businesses

By: factoHR
Why switch to cloud-based payroll software? The purpose of cloud based payroll software is to simplify and automate the process of paying a company’s employees. The payroll process includes tasks such as computing deductions and employee benefits, producing pay slips, calculating and filing employment taxes, complying with regulatory requirements, processing or depositing payment directly to em...

HRMS Software can Reduce Manpower and Business Cost

factoHR is one of the most reputed enterprises that offers a vast range of HRMS solution at an affordable price for all business in India. factoHR empowers HR to manage talent and its module process more effectively which enable HR to focus on enlarging their expertise. With a mission of providing easy HRMS solution, factoHR offers services to their clients that can reduce manpower required for...

The Ultimate Guide To The Automated Performance Management by factoHR

By: factoHR
factoHR provides cloud-based performance management system, so any HR person can view the report of any employee anywhere, anytime. This also takes less time in reviewing report.

Why automated payroll software is better to increase efficiency in any organization?

By: factoHR
Good payroll software can save HR, managers, and accountants from complicated and tedious payroll tasks. Instead of spending endless time in managing and maintaining the files, payroll software is a solution that can save you from nasty tasks.

Five Shortcuts Increase Your Loan Eligibility in 2018

By: factoHR
factoHR is one such platform which provides the HRMS software with the Loan module, where one can provide loan to their employees according to their pre-defined policy.

4 Ways To Get Through To Your HRMS Software can Reduce Manpower and Business Cost

By: factoHR
HRMS is an automated software that helps you manage your human resource cost by cutting your HR department cost and reducing manpower. Let’s explore the reasons which increase the cost and solution how HRMS can reduce the cost of HR department with the advance technological management.

Time and Attendance System for your company to differentiate an achiever in 2018

By: factoHR
How to check if you are an achiever or a non-achiever in checking your time and attendance

5 Ideas Of Onboarding Process That May Change Your Perspective in 2018

By: factoHR
The process by which your new hires get integrated into your organization/company is called “Onboarding”. Nowadays workplace changes faster, require innovations and does not wait for anyone.

Don't count on luck

Founder/CEO:Don't count on luck when it comes to your important asset.

How do you select a manager?

Common mistakes in selecting managers and how to avoid it.
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