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Things to Ponder Upon While Hiring a Web Development Company

Do you want to deliver the best products and services to your clients or customers? And searching for a web development company to create a website for you? To make things simple for you I am going to showcase a few things that you need to ponder upon while hiring a web development company. 

Quip Global Inc

Who Are We? What do We do? Our experience and expertise are in IT services

How to Accurately Measure The Success Of Your App

By: Apptunix
Creating an app is just the beginning. It takes a lot more to make it a success. Learn what are the best ways to keep an eye on the journey your app is headed.

Moving on to RestFul Backend in PHP

This article explains the need to move from a server rendering to a non view dependent development

How much does it cost to build a taxi app like Uber?

Being a Trusted Mobile app development company, we have been asked questions like; - How to Build an App Like Uber? - How much does it Cost to build an App similar to Uber? - I want to build a Taxi App similar to Uber. How can we go about it? Being a responsible solution provider we thought to bring you the exclusive information which helps to answer all above questions.

The Outrageous Cost of Skipping TDD & Code Reviews

To implement a productive quality process you can follow this article to learn that how by TDD an organization can save time and money even with an efficient code quality.

A pick behind the screen of developer work day.

By: R&S Tech
The way to make a customer happy during "a little " change in a behavior of "a very small " button

NoS Taxi - Pre build Taxi Script like Uber & Ola!

A complete Replica of Uber/Ola to make your taxi business more compatible as per user’s requirement and met with the latest trends appears in the industry.


We have recently received an interesting project, which must specify the location accurately within 10 cm in places, which GPS does not manage to fix, for example, an underground museum or cave, and deliver informational or advertising notifications to smartphone, in a sensor area coverage. We solved the given problem with the help of beacons.


SteelKiwi Development Recognized as 2015 Top Web and Software Developer in Ukraine

Unique eCommerce site development with full creativity

Unique eCommerce site development with full creativity

wordpress development

in my career i have developed numbers of website where i write code for many big and small enterprises, Let me explain what i offer to my client and what i deliver in a package.

Panda Blog

We write many blogs on many tech subjects. Feel free to read more here: http://www.panda-os.com/blog


Outsourcing still remains a questionable affair for those who deal with software development. Although some business owners consider outsourcing to be something inappropriate, it no longer can be referred to as a cheap stuff. On the contrary, outsourcing time-consuming tasks proved to be an extremely wise decision for all kinds of businesses.


App development is essential today for an online business. If you want to boost your sales using technology, app development is truly recommended for everyone. Here listed 4 reasons that you need to know how much it notable is.
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