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Beautiful Images

By: kalanhoja
some lovely images expressing the well-meaning of the person who made them


By: kalanhoja
billing my melodies and images that I like

Quip Global Inc

Who Are We? What do We do? Our experience and expertise are in IT services

Wedding Event Planners Delhi

By: Hometurph
Hometurph is offering around the clock services to help you for your special day.

Salaries of Ukrainian and Israel Dedicated Team

Correctly organized teamwork is very important nowadays in both large and small companies. The most important advantage of teamwork is that it allows avoiding mistakes. When a single person works, he may not notice a defect, miss something or simply not to take into account, and the team will help to ensure that the task is done correctly. The chances of avoiding mistakes are greatly increasing...

Creative Web design and developer

I have great knowledge about Theme Customization. I am skilled and very much comfortable using PHP, Wordpress, HTML5 and CSS3, SASS/LESS, bootstrap, zurb's foundation, jquery etc..

I am expert in creating any kind of modern website with bootstrap

i have more than 9 years experience.

increase website ranking to web marketing

By: SEM India
Get Higher Rankings for you Website design on Search Engines to Promote Your Website. Digital Marketing / Web Traffic

Why Owning A Website Is So Important

By: V A
Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, what makes websites so important to people worldwide?

Unique eCommerce site development with full creativity

Unique eCommerce site development with full creativity

wordpress development

in my career i have developed numbers of website where i write code for many big and small enterprises, Let me explain what i offer to my client and what i deliver in a package.

Here We go :)

About me and My Site: http://elkind.net If you’re looking for a few my free frameworks and themes for wordpress and other CMS, check out: http://codedesign.elkind.net

Most common terms on web development

By: item-soft
Most common terms on web development

What makes a good logo?

It’s all about creating clever Identity. A logo is not just a pretty picture or an image that company execs have decided upon.
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