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Enjoy Your Married Life with Cenforce 50, 100, 150, 200 Mg Tablet

meet mymedsshop and buy online cenforce 50, 100, 150 & 200 Mg tablets in USA and fun your married life with this tablets.

Wheatgrass Superfood Powder – One of the most favored gluten free green drinks

You can find the grass in powder, juices, supplements, and fresh produce. As the juice must be extracted in the earliest stage of the plant’s growth, wheatgrass juice is one of the most widely used gluten free green drinks.

Should I go for wheatgrass juice or powder?

Hence, Wheat Grass Juice Powder is normally mixed with water, fruit juices, tea or smoothies to make it more palatable. Wheatgrass juice must be consumed fresh for it deteriorates very soon and loses its potency.

How to create Realistic Financial Projections

Steps for creating financial projection that will drive your business and get it funded.

PolarityTE: Will This Biotech Be The Next Amazon Or Tesla?

Venture capitalist Boca Raton, Florida Barry Honig is well-versed in helping start-ups and growing businesses acquire the capital needed for growth and expansion, and after more than two decades in the profession, he knows exactly what to look for, especially in the unique and challenging world of biotech.

Common Misconceptions While Job Hunting

Everyone has advice on how to job hunt, but there is as much bad advice as good out there today - much of it being given by professionals. Here are eight of the most common misconceptions.

How to be an Emotionally Available Parent

By: L F
Children thrive when their parents are emotionally available. What does this mean and how can you do it?


This post serves to correct the very essence of what life is! Bring the Smile on, friend!

Why it’s insanely hard to find a technical co-founder (and what you can do about it)

By: 200Apps
You’ve got a great startup idea. Now all you need is to partner someone with the technical know-how to make it a reality.

Don't count on luck

Founder/CEO:Don't count on luck when it comes to your important asset.

What is Organizational Development?

A summary and overview of organizational development.

How do you select a manager?

Common mistakes in selecting managers and how to avoid it.

What does change actually look like?

How the change process within an organization actually affects productivity over time.

Affiliate programs – Acquisition

As we have already learned, the world of affiliates is an especially complex one. Unlike other marketing methods it demands a complex relationship that requires experience and specialization.

Affiliate Software

In my previous post, I tried to described who our partners or affiliates are, and I hope I was able to briefly explain how they operate. In this post I will attempt to shine some light on the technological aspects before we eventually cover marketing (that will be in the next post, which I promise will be long and full of surprises.)

Affiliate programs – What is it?

Affiliate programs are a relatively new concept. In effect, we’re talking about a known marketing method which has been implemented for quite some time (Amazon and ebay were pioneers in this field), not only online. Even before there was even a medium called the Internet, many companies realized that in order to create an online presence, they would need to activate more distribution channels.

Affiliate programs – Friends For Ever

In the last post I covered how to acquire new partners/affiliates, and from my post before that, we learned about who is facing us on the other side of an affiliate deal

Marketing = War?

Recently I am getting phone calls from companies that wants to talk to me about strategy, usually brand strategy or product strategy


decided to try and shed some light on an important issue, an emotional world called marketing copy design, and what it is exactly?

SPAM … Phenomenon or a way of life?

You all probably read the last research published regarding the amounts of SPAM out there, it was on all the blogs, I just had the urge to say something about it :-D
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