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What Are The Requirements Needed For An Organization To Be ISO 41001 Certified?

The major goal of ISO 41001 certification is to make sure that facility management operations are efficiently managed in order to reduce or avoid accidents that could cause harm or injury to employees.

Anti-money laundering regulations in Turkey 401

The other important element of anti-money laundering measures is suspicious transaction reports. ("STR") The suspicious transaction occurs if there is any suspicion on the assets subject to the transaction that they have been obtained illegally or used for illegal purposes. Besides, transactions, where obliged parties cannot identify the customers or receive sufficient information abo...

AML regulations in Turkey Law Firm 6650

Whilst AML regulations in Turkey is not a member of the EU, as a candidate country, it has adapted its money laundering legislation in line with developments in EU Directives. Turkish laws have not been officially harmonised with the Fourth EU Money Laundering Directive. However provisions from the Fourth Directive have been adopted such..

Should I Ignore Harassing Calls From Collection Agencies?

First and foremost, you should contact a debt collector harassment lawyer to represent you. Your lawyer will put a stop to the harassing calls from any collection agency. He or she may also advise you that it’s time to sue the collection agency in a court of law for any and all damages that they have caused you.

International law firm in istanbul

Turkish Information Technology Law Cosar & Akkaya has a well-known IT Law practice in Turkey advising to its national and international clients from the perspective of Turkish Law. Our practices includes both transactional and litigation work in Turkey Turkish Data Protection Law Cosar & Akkaya has been actively taken part in many personal data protection compliance projects at every stage...

Why Should Students Consider Studying BBA?

REVA University's School of Legal Studies is one of the best BBA LL.B Hons Colleges in Bangalore offering BBA LL.B. Honours degree for a bright career in law.

A Brief Guide On California Inheritance Law A Brief Guide On California Inheritance Law

Going through end-of-life, administrative processes are emotional and stressful. Losing our loved ones is a tremendous loss of our lives.
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