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The Big Shift In Blockchain Technology And Its Consequences

After a successful year of Blockchain campaign in 2019, what more should we expect from Blockchain and Crypto assets?

Like It or Not, Facebook’s Libra Coin Is Poised for Mass Adoption

By: BeWEB3
Binance’s CZ: Like It or Not, Facebook’s Libra Coin Is Poised for Mass Adoption

Is it possible for the Security Token Offering (STO) to replace ICO?

With Security Token Offering, make your project more reliable and assure its success. Technoloader enables with advanced technology and top-notch legal expertise for that.

Top 2 Amazing Applications of AI Technologies in Healthcare Industry

Artificial Intelligence is proving to be the best in making our lives easy and is expected to expand its applications in the coming years. AI will streamline various processes in various industries like healthcare. AI may account for about $150 billion to annual savings in healthcare industry by 2026, as indicated by a recent Accenture report.

Smart Contracts Of Blockchain Technology

Smart contracts were first introduced in the Ethereum project in 2013. The contracts which can be done and maintained over blockchain which impose the same limitations and obligations on agreeing with parties as it is done traditionally are called smart contracts.


One of the most high-potential and popular blockchain technology nowadays is the smart contract.


Blockchain offers a variety of opportunities to different businesses and enterprises.

Finding great blockchain developers

By: jack jef
Blockchain is an ingenious technology that has brought in positive waves of transformation in many sectors including finance, education, logistics, telecom and many more. You shall give a try at incorporating blockchain technology in your business. All you need to do to bring the idea to life is to hire blockchain developer and he shall set things right for you.

Artificial Intelligence Development Company in California

DxMinds is the Best Artificial Intelligence Company in California, USA.

Hire blockchain developer to build an authentic and reliable blockchain

By: jack jef
At SHAMLA TECH, we provide you with special openings to hire our best blockchain developer considering your personal preferences

3 Tips to Market your ICO

By: jack jef
A lot of large companies and startups are involving them in the Cryptocurrency Industry and reaping the benefits that it brings to them. Even though ICO seems like it just made an introduction to the industry, many technologists, investors and industry enthusiasts have already made the most of the ICO. ICOs are very much rewarding and seem to be increasingly prevalent in the near future as more...

Hire Blockchain Developer

By: jack jef
Blockchain has become the fastest emerging technology with its powerful features that influence many industrial sectors for a variety of purposes. Hire Blockchain Developer with rich technical expertise on Blockchain Technology. This technology has brought a futuristic approach for all economic transactions. Hire Blockchain Developers from SHAMLA TECH and reap its benefits for a successful busi...

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Revolution.

Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the way in which information is stored and shared.
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