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The Left Brain / Right Brain “Business Model” Theory

We’ve all been there. You are passionate about your idea, you get excited about its potential, the product, its features, your co-founders… making the world a better place. Everything seems to be moving in the right direction and then, investors and other entrepreneurs ask you casually “and… how are you going to make money?”.

Snapchat: from 0 to 1.5 Million active users in less than a year!

By: Q-Lingua
You have an idea for a mobile App. We can make it a reality.

Degradation of HIF-1alpha under hypoxia combined with induction of Hsp90 polyubiquitination in cance

The perihydroxylated perylene quinone hypericin has been reported to possess potent anti-metastatic and antiangiogenic activities, generated by targeting diverse crossroads of cancer-promoting processes via unique mechanisms. Hypericin is the only known exogenous reagent that can induce forced poly-ubiquitination and accelerated degradation of heat shock protein 90 (Hsp90) in cancer cells. Hsp9...

Linking JWST and human spaceflight

As NASA contemplates how to cover the growing cost of the James Webb Space Telescope, greater ties between the telescope and the agency’s human spaceflight program could be beneficial to both. Article was published here: http://www.thespacereview.com/article/1951/1#%2ETpwrHkl62WY%2E

Submission to the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport, Victoria 2012

Submission to a government enquiry on the effectiveness of its legislation in addressing the public transportation needs of people with a disability.

A Solitary banana

This was my response to a story in the newspaper that encouraged readers to write and ending to the story that they started.

A Look at American Bulldog Puppies

The American Bulldog is a powerful, muscular dog in appearance, which is intimidating for some people, although it is an animal with a sweet and charming personality. The dogs are gentle in nature and are never hostile and love to interact with humans and play all throughout the day. The dogs are so loyal and lovable to their owners and enjoy spending time playing with children. While you can c...

AKC Meet the Breeds

AKC Meet the Breeds® The Dogo Argentino is a pack-hunting dog, bred for the pursuit of big-game such as wild boar and puma, and possesses the strength, intelligence and quick responsiveness of a serious athlete. His short, plain and smooth coat is completely white, but a dark patch near the eye is permitted as long as it doesn't cover more than 10% of the head.

Professional Writer

This is my first blog post in this forum and I have posted it in order to provide an introduction about myself and the skills I have


I have attended at the Revenue Seminar this week in Tel-Aviv, which was organized by the Israeli Guru ITAY PAZ, and this is an opportunity for applause! It was the first Internet Marketing Seminar in such a scale. About 600 people from the internet marketing industry participated, from all over the country, and even a lady came all the way from Denmark to hear the Top Internet Marketers let...

you want to globalize,so localize!

but first, you have to internationalize...confused?you thought you knew the meaning of these three words

to translate or copy-write:that is the question!

a translation must be faithful to the original text' yet transparent to the reader' inasmuch as the translation should not be perceptible.

to translate or copy-write:that is the question!

a translation must be faifhful to the original text' yet transparent to the reader' inasmuch as the translation should not be perceptible.

What's in a name?

By: Swivel
As a manager, business owner or entrepreneur, you surely know the difficulty of choosing a good name for your business, and today in many cases it is equally important to establish names and brands around individual products and services as well.
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