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5 Proven Tactics to Improve Company Culture

By: factoHR
Company culture or organizational culture is one of the determinants of failure or success of any organization. Also known as business culture, company culture can be defined as the correct way to behave or act within an organization and embraces both employees and management. As the people in charge of recruiting, training, hiring and firing company staff, HR managers play a significant role i...

6 Benefits of Cloud based Payroll Software for Any Businesses

By: factoHR
Why switch to cloud-based payroll software? The purpose of cloud based payroll software is to simplify and automate the process of paying a company’s employees. The payroll process includes tasks such as computing deductions and employee benefits, producing pay slips, calculating and filing employment taxes, complying with regulatory requirements, processing or depositing payment directly to em...

5 Reasons Why You Need a New Payroll Software Solutions

By: factoHR
One problem that any size of company faces is its payroll. This is because all the tasks are done either manually or in spreadsheets. Payroll is also an essential function in any business, which is why it critical that it gets executed with the least amount of error. It takes a lot of time for HR and payroll department to be able to process payroll every month.

How to Maintain Statutory Compliance with an Efficient Payroll Software

By: factoHR
Payroll software is all about maintaining the record of employees from hire to retire. It is generally used to manage all the records of employees smoothly and securely. A good payroll software involves everything that effects salary of employees, keeping track of attendance and leave, reimbursement, loan and advances, statutory compliance, etc.

Do you know How Gratuity Calculation is done?

By: factoHR
Gratuity is an amount paid to the employee by an employer for the service provided to the company. Gratuity is the offer provided as a benefit or retirement plan to the employee by an employer. According to the Payment of Gratuity Act 1972, the tax-exemption limit for the non-government employee was up to Rs.10lac (collected in employee’s entire life) which has been increased to Rs. 20lac, effe...

What are the Rules for Payment of Gratuity Forms F and I

By: factoHR
Gratuity is the amount that an employee receives either after the retirement or after completing at least five years of service in the same organization. According to the Payment of Gratuity Act 1972, for the non-government employee, the tax-exemption limit was up to Rs.10lac (collected in employee’s entire life) which has been changed and increased to Rs. 20lac, effective from 20th March 2018....

Why factoHR is a One Stop Solutions for HR and Payroll Mobile App

By: factoHR
factoHR provides a mobile app that promotes the integrity as well as the availability of data. Hence, a mobile application proves to be useful in managing and moving an organization ahead. If you are looking for such a mobile application then you can contact factoHR.

How to Achieve Growth Hacking Through Performance Management

By: factoHR
As we know growth hacking has been around us only for a few years, but now it is one of the most useful terms in the tech world. Growth hacking is the process to make experiments in product development, sales department and other areas to identify how to efficiently grow the business faster. Every startup business is looking for a way to achieve growth hacking. Because, they too want to grow fa...

Step for Frauds Prevention in Payroll System

By: factoHR
factoHR is the best all in one integrated HR and Payroll Solution provider at an affordable price. It is the leader in generation Y workforce management to provide HR and Payroll Solution as it cloud-based software. Using all the modules, of factoHR, mentioned above no one can commit frauds. As it is cloud-based software employees, managers or any authorized persons can access it anywhere anytime.

HRMS Software can Reduce Manpower and Business Cost

factoHR is one of the most reputed enterprises that offers a vast range of HRMS solution at an affordable price for all business in India. factoHR empowers HR to manage talent and its module process more effectively which enable HR to focus on enlarging their expertise. With a mission of providing easy HRMS solution, factoHR offers services to their clients that can reduce manpower required for...

Does small business survive without accurate bookkeeping services?

Accounting is the way toward keeping up your monetary records of different exchanges for your business.

The Ultimate Guide To The Automated Performance Management by factoHR

By: factoHR
factoHR provides cloud-based performance management system, so any HR person can view the report of any employee anywhere, anytime. This also takes less time in reviewing report.

Why automated payroll software is better to increase efficiency in any organization?

By: factoHR
Good payroll software can save HR, managers, and accountants from complicated and tedious payroll tasks. Instead of spending endless time in managing and maintaining the files, payroll software is a solution that can save you from nasty tasks.

Why factoHR is the most trending payroll software of 2018?

Processing payroll can be a tedious job for any business, as calculating routine salaries to taxes of employees is a headache. The frustration for handling these tasks can be avoided by implementing an automated payroll software for your business organization. Most of the HR technology and specialized companies of Payroll, often sells this software as an on-premise system. Sometimes it is also ...

Five Shortcuts Increase Your Loan Eligibility in 2018

By: factoHR
factoHR is one such platform which provides the HRMS software with the Loan module, where one can provide loan to their employees according to their pre-defined policy.

4 Ways To Get Through To Your HRMS Software can Reduce Manpower and Business Cost

By: factoHR
HRMS is an automated software that helps you manage your human resource cost by cutting your HR department cost and reducing manpower. Let’s explore the reasons which increase the cost and solution how HRMS can reduce the cost of HR department with the advance technological management.

Time and Attendance System for your company to differentiate an achiever in 2018

By: factoHR
How to check if you are an achiever or a non-achiever in checking your time and attendance

5 Ideas Of Onboarding Process That May Change Your Perspective in 2018

By: factoHR
The process by which your new hires get integrated into your organization/company is called “Onboarding”. Nowadays workplace changes faster, require innovations and does not wait for anyone.

Why You Must Outsource Accounting Services Sans Any Doubt and Fear

We fear what we don’t know. Streamline your business accounting processes through offshoring and reap tangible benefits for yourself and the clients you serve.

PolarityTE: Will This Biotech Be The Next Amazon Or Tesla?

Venture capitalist Boca Raton, Florida Barry Honig is well-versed in helping start-ups and growing businesses acquire the capital needed for growth and expansion, and after more than two decades in the profession, he knows exactly what to look for, especially in the unique and challenging world of biotech.
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