COVID-19 - XPlace Announcement in Wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic


For one week, from April 1 – 7, XPlace will offer all of its freelancer subscription plans at 50% off for new members.

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Dear community,

As you know, this is a difficult time for everyone across the world. With the threat of economic collapse looming, many businesses are taking drastic measures ranging from putting workers on unpaid leave to completely closing operations.

The result is that millions of people are now unemployed, and the figures are growing every day. Each person losing their job has financial obligations, including rent, mortgages, family expenses, and more that they now need to find ways to cover.

During these uncertain times, the XPlace team is committed to doing everything we can to address the issues affecting the changing market conditions. Our current efforts include encouraging companies to recruit work from home (WFH) talent and beefing up their existing workforce with remote freelancers instead of canceling planned projects.

Now that traditional hiring approaches are being disrupted, we want to encourage businesses to maintain as much of their operations as possible while considering freelancers as cost-effective ways to keep projects on schedule.

Over the last few weeks, XPlace has seen increased recruitment activity for remote workers, which is a clear sign that companies are adopting the new WFH reality. In particular, there is now a higher demand for app developers, web developers, writers, designers, marketers, consultants, and many more.

If you are in need of additional income streams, or just a way to fill time while waiting to return to work, our team will be happy to help you get started freelancing.

In fact, for one week, from April 1 – 7, XPlace will offer all of its freelancer subscription plans at 50% off for new members.

This will give you access to both full-time and project-based work in a wide range of fields, all of which can be performed from the comfort and security of your home.

XPlace has spent the last sixteen years providing a comprehensive hiring platform for businesses to connect with leading freelancers in the global marketplace. Our primary goal has always been to improve the lives of freelancers and businesses while creating profitable business opportunities for everyone.

As always, our team will continue to develop, innovate, and maintain close contact with the community, especially during these complex and uncertain times.

We're here for you.

Stay safe,

The XPlace Team