CallMe for Freelancers

Get calls from potential clients directly to your phone
without having to bid on projects or compete with other freelancers

Now clients can call you directly
Don't want to bid on projects? Don't want to compete with other freelancers? No problem! Now potential clients can call you directly to you phone.
CallMe is a service that allows freelancers to receive phone calls directly from potential clients without having to bid on projects or compete with other freelancers.
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Huge time saver
When you sign up for the CallMe service you are assigned a personal phone number that will be featured on your XPlace profile. When potential clients are pressed to hire, they can call you directly without having to post a project, wait for bids or wait for you to connect to XPlace's project bidding system.
CallMe numbers are activated immediately after signing up.
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Missed a call? We'll SMS you
If you don't answer the call in time we’ll SMS you the details of the missed call so you can return the call quickly and make the sale!
Route calls to multiple numbers
Want calls to ring on multiple phones at the same time so you don’t miss a single customer? No problem! With CallMe you can specify up to 3 phone numbers that will ring simultaneously such as your mobile phone, your office phone and your partner, secretary or an answering service (a no additional cost).
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First month free! Then only $5 per call!
Your first month is free (unlimited calls during that period); cancel any time.
CallMe is cheaper than a $29 monthly membership and cheaper than a $20 one-time bid fee where you compete with other freelancers. With CallMe you pay only $5 per incoming call without having to worry about project bidding. Just be ready to close the sale!
Also, the CallMe system is intelligent enough to know whether the same person called multiple times within a few minutes so as to avoid double charging you.
With an average project deal size on XPlace ranging between $1,135 - $11,344, a cost of $5 per lead will pay itself back in no time!
Cancelling is easy and immediate
You can cancel at any time and will be billed only for the calls made up to that point. To cancel your CallMe service simply click Service Cancellation.
International Calls (Outside of Israel)
Freelancers outside of Israel can sign up for CallMe using the Local03 service. To do so, follow these three simple steps:
  1. Sign up for the Local03 service (a paid service to the Local03 company), select an Israeli number that begins with 03 and assign it to your personal (int'l) number.
  2. Sign up for CallMe and enter your Local03 as your target number.
  3. From now on any calls to your CallMe number will be forwarded directly to your personal number outside of Israel.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact XPlace Customer Support or the Local03 customer support.
XPlace is not affiliated with Local03 in any way and is not responsible for or guaranty the services of that company.
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