What to look for in hotel software

On 10 Nov., 2021

Read this article to know what to look for when choosing the right hotel CRM software.

What to look for in hotel software

Hotel CRM solutions are a powerful ally for hotels. It is the fuel for successful marketing of hotels, helping hotels attract customers through deeper relationships with groups, guests and corporate clients. Hotel software is a source of truth for customer information. So, since there are different types of software for hotels, you can get confused about which type to choose for your business. We will explain everything you need to know before choosing the right software for your hotel.

B2B vs. B2C CRM

The hospitality industry is very unique in that it has two customers and needs two separate types of customer relationship management systems with varying capabilities and functionalities. Customer relationship management is a technology for managing the relationships of a company and interactions with potential customers and current customers. The main goal is to improve relationships within a business.

It is tough to answer these questions within the hotel industry because each hotel has unique requirements for managing its relationships. Hotels have multiple stakeholders and each stakeholder requires different customer relationship management functionality. Hotel sales teams work hard to secure new group business and marketing teams focus on bringing in new travelers. A group sales customer relationship management is about 1-1 management. While a marketing CRM should be effective at profiling and segmentation within 1-1 conversations, marketer CRMs require massive datasets actionable and precise. Here are some of the best features to look for when choosing the right hotel CRM.

Easy to integrate

If you haven’t planned a comprehensive tech stack in the pre-opening phase, you should consider integrations first. You will need a CRM that can easily integrate with your existing systems.


Your CRM should reflect the complexity of modern communications by supporting a variety of ways you communicate with your customers. A good hospitality CRM records interactions with customers across text, in-person, online and email.


We are living in a world where nearly everything is automated. Automations make your life easier.

Within budget

It is very easy to get distracted by the whistles and bells during the vendor vetting process. It is not wise to pay for things that you are not going to use. You need to choose a CRM that fits within your budget and can grow with your business.


When choosing the right software to manage your customer relationships, you should know that it is flexible to accommodate your future needs.

Safe and secure

Most CRMs used in hotels are cloud-based. This is great for flexibility and speed but can also leave sensitive information in the wrong hands. You should therefore ensure that the system or software you choose is secure and cannot be hacked easily.


When choosing hotel CRM solutions, it is important to choose systems that can serve you both in your office and on the go. You should ensure that the mobile experience does not sacrifice functionality and quality. You will not be in your office all the time and choosing a system that allows you to work from home or while away from the office is very important.