Most Popular Franchise Opportunities in Australia

On 13 Oct., 2021

The key to starting a business and running it successfully is to seek out the profitable opportunities that the market has to offer.

Most Popular Franchise Opportunities in Australia

The key to starting a business and running it successfully is to seek out the profitable opportunities that the market has to offer. Business and economy span across diverse industries, some of which rake in more revenue than the others. Market trends and projections are also to be studied, for they indicate which sector is running at an all-time high with promising prospects. Researching and then investing in the best franchise opportunities in Australia will guarantee significant growth to the franchisee. On that note, let's try and understand the Australian franchise businesses that guarantee long-term profits.


Globally, food, especially, fast food is the most profitable business and franchise to own. According to the latest market reports, the top three franchises in the world all hail from the food industry; which are, McDonald's, KFC, and Burger King. They are closely followed by Domino’s, Papa John’s, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut in the top ten. Besides that owning a food franchise has more practical aspects, such as:

  • Running a food business does not require you to have any specific credentials; anyone can sell food.
  • It does not require extensive training, unlike other franchises.
  • Food businesses hardly fall of the profit margin; it was among the few sectors that thrived even during the COVID-10 crisis.  
  • Lastly, the food industry is constantly evolving and growing, which guarantees long term returns. 


Just like food businesses, profits of the cleaning businesses have skyrocketed amid the pandemic. It is one of the best franchises to buy in the country. The demand for cleaning services is at an all-time high, citing the increased significance of a clean and hygienic environment for health reasons. Market projections suggest promising returns in the coming years for cleaning franchises, which makes it our top contender in the list of franchise opportunities.

Other than that, cleaning businesses do not require extensive training or staff integration. Some businesses can be operated single-handedly, which makes it quite easy for even an amateur without any formal training to operate seamlessly.

Medical Care

Medical care franchises cover aged or senior care and home care services. Home care is usually availed by people who have family members with special needs. Senior care, on the other hand, is often hired by the elderly who instead of moving to a care facility, prefer to get the same within the convenience and familiarity of their homes. 

Over the years, the demand for these services has increased exponentially, mostly owing to a growing aged population. Anyone with formal training in medical care services is eligible to own such a franchise. It is also one of the most profitable businesses to own and top franchises for sale in Sydney, Adelaide, and Melbourne in Australia, because senior care rakes in significant profits for franchisors due to the consistent demand. 


To summarize, food businesses, cleaning services, and medical care are the three most lucrative franchise opportunities in Australia that are easy to understand, integrate, and generate profits. Want to know more about the country’s franchise sector? Then subscribe to, the leading and most reliable franchise directory in Australia.