Outstanding Topics for an Argumentative Essay – 2021

On 2 Oct., 2021

Outstanding Topics for an Argumentative Essay – 2021

Outstanding Topics for an Argumentative Essay – 2021


Argumentative essays are the genre of writing that accounts for the investigation, collection, and evaluation of data on a topic with a strong opinion of the writer to argue for. A strong argumentative essay is built upon a solid claim that is robustly backed to persuade the reader. Concrete facts and evidence are used to solidify your position. Sometimes a writer uses both sides of the argument and then narrows it down to assert his point of view. Students find it quite easy to take a stance on an issue because often there are two sides to a matter. The writer chooses one and argues in its favor. One requires collecting facts and evidence to back up the claim and students, at times, find it tough and tend to ask someone to write paper for me . This is certainly not a best practice as it is unavailing if you are not doing the research on the topic by yourself.


32 Outstanding Topics for an Argumentative Essay – 2021 are listed below:


  • Same-sex marriages should be legalized
  • The new wave of feminism is a hijacked political campaign
  • Capitalism should be replaced by socialism
  • Corruption is the root cause of poverty in the world
  • extbooks should be replaced by notebook computers
  • Online education should be promoted and encouraged
  • The live-streaming classroom is the need of the hour
  • Freedom of the press is the basics of democracy
  • Democracy favors the interest of the elite
  • The death penalty should be legalized
  • A week should be of four days instead of five
  • How cyberspace is an unsafe place?
  • Does social media enhance or reduce creativity?
  • Pros of globalization outweigh the cons of it
  • Politics is a dirty game
  • Democracy does not suit the developing nations   
  • Weak institutions and lack of accountability account for corruption
  • Global warming is the biggest challenging
  • Scarcity of water would be unprecedented in future
  • Social media addiction is the worst form of addiction
  • Capital punishment should be abolished
  • Religion should be a private mare  matter of an individual
  • Heroes emerge from the ashes
  • Education should be free for the primary section
  • Nuclear weapons  are the biggest threat to human life
  • Domestic violence is the root cause of the high rate of divorces
  • Online education is better than traditional education
  • University education should contain subjects on humanism
  • Coronavirus has been the sources of family time
  • Monetary values do not determine the success


Now, it is your turn to choose from the given argumentative essay topics and write on any one of them. Topic selection in an argumentative essay is of prime importance. The best topic is the one which is familiar to you and you can back it up with facts and evidence. Also, one must be mindful of the audience, their tilt whether they favor the topic, oppose it, or know very little about it. The Aristotelian method of essay writing is highly effective. If you master that art you need not ask someone about paper writing service  , and that art starts with the problem or issue followed by a clear thesis statement that contains your take on the topic and eventually, in the body paragraph, backing it up through various evidence and facts to convince the reader. Lastly, wrapping it up in the conclusion section by summarizing all the points discussed in the body paragraph. It is highly advisable to start with brainstorming, then making the rough draft, and finally, proofread the essay before it is presented to the audience.


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