How our agency increased profits x5 times for e-com brand on Amazon?

On 20 Sept., 2021

A few months ago we had a client who could not increase the profit of his store on Amazon. + We analyzed the niche and target audience + Create a marketing strategy + Design new material, edit new videos, and launched new websites + Built a sales funnel + And started leadgenerating As a results - x5 times increase in profit in 3 months

How our agency increased profits x5 times for e-com brand on Amazon?

A few months ago a client contacted us - he could not increase the profit of his store on Amazon. It was a toy for children - an online store, targeting the USA market.

He tried to design and customize ads himself, he tried to hire different individual freelancers from all over the world but got stuck in routine and micromanagement, and the results were getting worse and worse.
When he was already thinking of closing the business, he was lucky to contact us.

1. First of all, we analyzed the situation, target audience, competitors. Identified all the weak points. And recalculated budget - our goal was to create more engagement promo materials like design, video, social accounts, and websites - and only then start paid advertising. 

This is just the small part of our work -> 🔥

2. Then we formed a marketing strategy, thought out a sales funnel, and developed a brand design -> 🔥

3. We started with the design of promo materials, because this is the first thing that a visitor sees on Amazon, and beautiful photos of the product are the main thing


4. Designed social networks - because social networks are the best way to interact with the audience. Now users are in no hurry to buy at the first contact with the brand. There are many offers, and the competition is high. Therefore, the client needs to be warmed up, and after some time his loyalty should be converted into sales. We started to regularly maintain Instagram and Facebook and publish high-quality content. We also started Tiktok and started collaborating with bloggers on YouTube.

5. We have created a website on Shopify -> 🔥 and a landing page -> 🔥

6. And we started an advertising campaign to generate traffic to the website, landing page and social networks -> 🔥 We achieve great results - just 0.6$ for the lead - which is great price for USA Geo.

7. We also made an email newsletter, installed a CRM to not to lose a single lead, thought out the mechanics of promotions and gifts, a referral program - bring a friend - get a discount.

And we tested many other hypotheses.

🔥 As a result - having spent the same budget that the client spent before us - chaotically and without a system - we were able to set up the process in such a way that in a few months the client's profit increased x5 times.

🔥🔥🔥 SO, If you want to get high results, great KPI and ROI - write to us 

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How our agency increased profits x5 times for e-com brand on Amazon?