Men’s Bracelet: The New Masculine Fashion Trend

On 15 Jul., 2021

Is it possible to feel masculine while wearing a bracelet?

Men’s Bracelet: The New Masculine Fashion Trend

When the female bracelet market outnumbers the male, it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that bracelets are primarily a feminine accessory.

Bracelets, like any other piece of jewelry, can be a part of a stylish man's clothing.

They're an accent and a choice, not a requirement you can get by just fine without one but they're certainly an option.

The function of a well-chosen handcuff bracelet for men is similar to that of any other item of jewelry, such as a necklace or ring. It's meant to be a noticeable accent, not the focal point of your ensemble, but a distinguishing aspect of it. 

The bracelet's shape will be determined by the outfits you like to wear.

Something metallic and sophisticated appearing is a natural fit if you wear a suit and tie on a daily basis. If you prefer wrap pants and tropical shirts, you'll look best in leather, rope, and bead bracelets with a rough-edged, natural aesthetic.

However, note that the bracelet's function is the same in both cases: it emphasizes your entire appearance. It serves as social "evidence," similar to how many good accents do, that you mean to look the way you do. You're not just putting on a suit because you have to; you've taken the time to make it look beautiful, and the bracelet helps to demonstrate that.

It's nice if a bracelet looks a little worn and broken in, just like a necklace. Too much brilliant, gleaming metal appears ostentatious. You want people to think you've had the bracelet for a long time and taken it on weird and exotic travels. 

Last but not least, as with every bracelet, make sure it's the proper size. A clumsy metal bracelet that slides ahead and back grows old quickly.

Wearing and Displaying a Bracelet 

Part of the problem with guys wearing bracelets is that most classic menswear does not allow for them. 

Suit and shirt cuffs will compete for the same wrist area as bracelets unless you have your sleeves made with bracelets in mind (and as watches, if you wear them).  

Bracelets are mostly a summer trend because short sleeves provide ample opportunity to flaunt them. But, with a little caution, you can incorporate them into long-sleeved ensembles as well.

Because your clothing changes on a daily basis, you'll want to look for bracelets that complement your own style. Look for bracelets that will appear to be natural complements to whatever you're wearing most of the time.

That could mean solid metal bracelets for one person whereas for another one  braided strands of leather (colored). Start with a few simple pieces that go with your favorite ensembles and see if you enjoy being a guy who occasionally wears bracelets. If you do, you can always add to your collection.