PET Bottle Mold for Single Stage: Offering More Procedural Stability and Consistency

On 12 Jul., 2021

In general, there are mainly two blow molding techniques widely used in making PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) bottles by putting into the use of pet bottle mold for single stage. These techniques include: Injection stretch blow molding Extrusion stretch blow molding.

PET Bottle Mold for Single Stage: Offering More Procedural Stability and Consistency

When compared, the injection blow molding technique scores heavily over extrusion stretch blow molding in the light of the fact that it is easy to control, offers better efficiency and yield, creates a lesser amount of waste, and end product defects. 

Injection stretch blow molding goes completely automated in India

Demanded across the world and segmented into two categories, a diverse range of PET containers made using either pet bottle mold for single stage or molds for 12M machine, are extremely cost-effective and qualitative. One of them is a pressure container that is utilized to fill carbonated beverages, and the other one is a non-pressure PET bottle used for filling tea, oil, and water. In the past 15 years, the molding industry in India has witnessed a complete transformation and the entire procedure of producing these PET bottles has been automated. 

More procedural stability and consistency

All this has resulted in the increased capacity of production from just 100s of containers per hour to thousands of containers per hour. Apart from it, all the manual work is now carried out through button style culture that is saving not only huge time but also production cost. With the devisal of innovative manufacturing machines as well as molds for 12M machine, a lower amount of difficulties are arising from the operations with more procedural stability as well as consistency. 

Some of the major advantages of injection stretch blow molding

  • The ability to stretch the preform in both the directions (hoop and axial)

  • The biaxial stretching of material provides the products with better tensile strength, barrier properties, robust drop impact, and clarity

  • Reduction in overall weight by around 10 to 15 percent

  • The stretching forms voids between the stretched polymer and the un-stretchable effect pigments.

  • Just contrary to injection blow molding that is utilized to make small-sized PET bottles, stretch blow molding can be very extensively utilized for creating soda bottles, personal care containers, and household cleaner containers, etc.

The availability of customized molds

Be it Injection stretch blow molding or extrusion stretch blow molding, molds play a very crucial role in the entire process of making all types of PET bottles. India’s leading manufacturers of pet bottle mold for single stage and molds for 12M machine are now producing fully customized molds as per the requirements of their customers. This has made the bottle-making process not only easier but also quick and cost-effective. 

Concluding Remarks

Acme Drinktec Solutions or ADS - an associate company of Acme Die Systems is the market-leading manufacturer of PET preforms, cap molds, pet bottle mold for single stage, and molds for 12M machine. The company was set up by the Acme Group to emerge as a complete PET packaging solutions provider. The company also specializes in creating molds for single-stage ISBM machines like Aoki, Chum Power, ASB, etc.