11 Good Reasons -Why Should You Choose Symfony Development Services?

On 13 May, 2021

Symfony is number 1 choice for enterprise web applications. Here are some solid reasons that will make you ready to choose Symfony for your web and app development services requirement.

11 Good Reasons -Why Should You Choose Symfony Development Services?

As we all know how fast the online business is expanding, and it is helping people who want to save their money and time. As a result, there are lots of websites that are made and increasing the competition. 

The PHP programming language is responsible for giving such high-quality websites. PHP framework is a library or a structure through which we can create web applications. There are many PHP frameworks like Zend, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Symfony, Yii, and more.

Choosing one of the PHP frameworks is the most complicated task because they are secure, scalable, and simple. Symfony is considered among the best PHP frameworks, ranked 3rd in popularity after Laravel & CodeIgniter. Before going further, you should know what symphony is and how it works.

What is Symfony

Let's begin with What is a Symfony?

Symfony is among the most popular open-source PHP frameworks with a collection of modular components. According to Statista, 4.4% of respondents use Symfony for web development. It is not as a full-stack web framework like Ruby, which has everything you need to build a website. Instead, you can connect its modular components in various ways to create powerful websites and applications. 

Its best advantage to business owners is that it can add additional modules as per the requirements and save time by reducing the task of hectic coding and using its readily available framework parts and high-end configuration. 

Symfony Development services demands are increasing because many enterprise web applications are well suited to this framework. 

Look for these solid reasons that will make you choose Symfony for your web & app development services requirement.

Symfony web development services

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Symfony was introduced in 2005 and is now a global brand as a framework. Its modular components can be added with other PHP frameworks like Drupal, Magento, phpBB, and more. Symfony's main motto is to advance the creation and maintenance of web applications.

Some developers find it reliable because it cuts down on the hectic part of coding. Apart from this, there are many reputable companies whose website is developed in Symfony.

National Geographic, TED, Vogue are some examples. Due to its advanced and incredible features, it has proven its reliability over time, while many other frameworks are still struggling to achieve this.

Performance and Users

Symfony has a large audience of both beginner and advanced users, allowing for the fact that Symfony provides complete flexibility and comes with a large amount of community support and documentation. 

It has accessible configuration files in YAML, and it also has best practices built into the framework, allowing users to start taking advantage of the framework right away. To improve system performance, Symfony provides multiple caching methods and mechanisms. 

Businesses planning to develop a website application based on Symfony can hire Symfony developers from a reputed company. 

Fast & Easy Development

One of the best reasons people prefer Symfony, as its advanced and built-in features speed up the development process. Consume less memory and optimize performance.

Symfony's unique features make life easier for the developer by reducing unnecessary or repetitive code. The best part is that you can reuse your generic components, saving you a lot of time.


The Symfony framework is packed with unique custom features and functionality for developers and businesses alike. With Symfony as your PHP framework, you can make your web application as user-oriented as you want. The advanced architecture of the Symfony OOPS service allows you to scale projects and take advantage of Symfony development services.

Symfony offers the following types of customization:

  • Full Stack - Build a Complex Product with Multiple Features
  • Brick by brick: If you want to create an application with specific features and selective functions, you can create your custom framework.


Symfony is an open-source framework backed by more than 13 years of experience in the SensioLabs company. Their professional team ensures longevity by facilitating long-term website maintenance services.

Symfony's support system offers long-term maintenance to its customers with high-performance applications. Your regular updates remain durable.


Another reason that makes people hire symphony developers for their project is its expandable feature. In the Symfony framework, everything is presented as a package. You can reuse these packages in some other projects and share them with the many other members of the community.

One of the best things about it is that you can improve or replace anything as per your wish or requirement. You can add or extend application features according to your requirement.

MVC Architecture

Symfony runs on the MVC (model-view-controller) architecture, which is excellent for scalable and systematic website development projects. The MVC architecture ensures that the project is developed with a structured file system (MODEL, VIEW, and CONTROLLER.) 

MVC Architecture

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It advances up and simplifies the development process by keeping the presentation and business layer isolated. Thus, it enables users to add new features and functionality without investing additional time and effort.

Sustainable & Stable

SensioLabs provides 3-year support for some significant versions of Symfony. It also presents lifetime maintenance for security-related issues. Symfony keeps stable and sustainable applications developed in any version of the framework. 

It works with the latest components and offers more priority to functional advantages by ensuring guarantee and compatibility with public APIs.

Large Community

Large Community

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One of the important aspects that define the survivability of this framework is a good community. Symfony's official website declares over 3000 contributors with a passionate group of over 600,000 developers from over 120 countries; the number is several times that of other PHP framework communities.


Symfony is a very well-organized, feature-rich PHP framework whose architecture covers the way for companies to build sustainable website applications in the simplest way possible. This is why many companies take Symfony development services and hire Symfony developers.

Ease of Use & Testing

Symfony has fixed best practice within the framework that helps beginners and experienced developers learn quickly.

Detailed documentation, fantastic community and professional support make it easy to use for developers who provide easy setup to improve performance. In Symfony, unit testing is very easy because it uses the PHP Unit Independent Library.

Used cases of Symfony

Checks the output without using any script code and offers some good tools for behavioral, functional, and unit testing. It has been used in various websites like BlaBlaCar, DocPlanner, eMAG, Spotify, GoldenLine, and all these websites are developed by keeping all the things in mind.


Symfony offers low user fees being open-source. It allows you to develop solid and custom applications for all kinds of businesses and fully control the configuration and customization of these applications. 

Symfony has tools to help test, debug, and document the development process to match enterprise specifications. Many businesses take full use of it and develop feature-full applications. Businesses take Symfony development services from a reputed company or hire Symfony developers.