Get Children Motivated When They Don't Want to Go Back to School

On 6 Apr., 2021

Many parents wonder how to get their kids excited about the start of a new school year when they don't want to go back to school - here are some ideas.

Get Children Motivated When They Don't Want to Go Back to School

Parents Can Motivate Their Children When They Don’t Want to Go Back to School

The editors from the Write My Essay service have published an article that says the start of a new school year can be a great thing for parents and children alike. Kids are able to buy new school supplies, see old friends they haven’t seen over the summer, and get prepared to learn new things in school. Parents get a needed break by having their children return to school, and can also watch as their kids continue to grow and learn at the beginning of a new year.

However, sometimes kids, both young and old, aren’t too motivated or enthusiastic about going back to school. They don’t want to deal with school work, pay for homework to get done, feel peer pressure, or tardy bells. As a parent, you can make a big difference in encouraging your child to not only get prepared for school but to look forward to starting a new year as well. Here are some helpful tips and ideas to get your son or daughter excited and ready to begin another year when they don’t want to go back to school.

Read Often Over the Summer to Get Ready for School

One of the main reasons some students don’t want to go back to school is because they are afraid they’ve forgotten a lot of the content material or how to do the work. In order to prevent this, read with your child or make sure they read often during the summer to prepare them for school in the fall. From reading directions to completing homework assignments, reading helps keep your children’s skills sharp and makes the transition back to school for kids much easier.

Again, parents play an important role in motivating kids to read during the summer. Help encourage your children to read, for example, by getting them involved in fun reading activities likes a “scavenger hunt,” offers Education World. Doing so not only makes reading more interesting, but entertaining as well.

Buy Some New Clothes or Supplies to Look and Feel the Part

Let your kids know that returning to school gives them a chance to buy new supplies and clothes! From new backpacks and notebooks to cool new shirts and flashy new dresses for that first day of school, starting a new year is a great opportunity for children to look good and feel confident from the beginning.

In addition to school supplies and clothing, it is a good idea to prepare yourself prior to the first day of school to reduce your kids’ stress. Make sure their schedules are all set, they know what time the bus comes to pick them up, and they have all of their things organized. “It can be smart to pack your backpack” before the morning of the first day of school so you’re not scrambling to make the bus or remember if you grabbed all of your books and supplies, advises Kid’s Health.

Remember the Positives of Going Back to School

A last useful tip to motivate your kids to want to go back to school after the summer break is to remind them of all the positives. Sure, the school work can be challenging and it can be a bit of a change to have to get up early instead of sleeping in, but starting a new school year in the fall has some perks, too. School is a great place to meet new friends and visit with old friends again, learn new things to share with you the parent when they get home, and of course to show everyone how much they’ve grown over the summer.

Sometimes, if kids are really set on saying that they don’t want to go back to school, a good idea can be “bribing them to complete their responsibilities,” says an article from the Write My Essay SOS. Let your children know that having a positive attitude about starting a new school year or getting their work done might in turn encourage you to give them an increase in an allowance for a while, or offer them a couple of their favorite dinners as a reward.

Why Going Back to School is Important and Necessary

All in all, going back to school may cause a bit of stress and anxiety for your kids — however, it is also a fun and important learning experience for them. When you the parent show that you’re passionate and excited about your child going back to school, sometimes that enthusiasm rubs off on your child, too. By following these steps and making sure that your kids are ready and prepared with the supplies and books they need to start a new school year, you can help get them motivated for their education in the fall when they don’t want to go back to school.

Get Children Motivated When They Don't Want to Go Back to School