Protective Measures for Women When Booking Cabs Online

On 31 Mar., 2021

Online cab services are introducing a new set of policies to maintain women's security. Furthermore, the Women safest taxi App will help women travel safely with online cab services in all country's urban cities.

Protective Measures for Women When Booking Cabs Online

There's no denying that taxis are an extremely familiar sight in Indian cities, whether the black-and-yellow variety or the kinds powered by private enterprises. However, the security for women travelling has been debated for the past couple of years. Here's a detailed breakdown of potential measures that women could adapt to when boarding a ride from Women safest taxi App.

1. Keep Family Members or Friends Updated When Boarding a Cab

Make sure someone is always on the call when you are taking the Women Taxi Service, along with the details of the journey.

2. Ask For a Legit Photo ID Proof from the Driver before Boarding

You must ask for a driver's photo ID from the Women safest taxi App for your ride. The ID could very well be his driving license, company ID, or any other authentic ID proof. Furthermore, you could do well by clicking a picture of the photo ID and share it across with a friend or family member on WhatsApp for future help during a crisis.

3. Start Using the GPS (Global Positioning System)

It is essential that you keep your GPS tracker always active on your mobile phone, at least until your ride is completed. This is arguably a convenient process to determine if your Women Taxi Service is taking you to your destination and not a secluded spot.

4. Take a Picture of the Cab Along With the Number Plate

There's no denying the fact that it could feel awkward or a little embarrassing to take pictures of cabs all the time. However, one must go out of their way to assure personal safety on the road. You must click photographs of the cab along with the number plate and share them with your family and friends.

5. Choose the Traditional Routes Instead of Shortcuts despite Extended Travel Time

When the traditional routes are clogged with traffic, the Women Taxi Service drivers suggest shortcuts. It's best not to go for the shortcuts, especially if they pass through isolated patches.

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