Key Features of Zinc Die Casting That You Should Know

On 27 Jan., 2021

Die casting is a very popular manufacturing method because it renders great stability and precision, but with zinc, it becomes an even more suitable alternative.

Key Features of Zinc Die Casting That You Should Know


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Because of the increasing competition, it’s getting tougher day by day to survive for most of the companies and agencies except for a few well-known brands. Nowadays, delivering high-quality products and services to the customers is the key to survival. In such a scenario, you need to be accurate with your strategies in order to survive in this competitive era.

We are here talking about the key features of China Zinc Die Casting which is believed to be a reliable manufacturing method, and if you are working in the field of metal parts production, then you must know about this method. One of the greatest drawbacks of Zinc Die Casting is that it is a heavier than aluminum and magnesium, but it is still a great alternative. Continue reading the following to explore the key advantages of China Zinc Die Casting so that you can understand why it is popular even after being heavier than its other two alternatives.


Low-cost Material: Certainly zinc is heavier than two of its main alternatives, but it is a low-cost material. The overall manufacturing cost is very low because of the low-cost zinc, which is certainly a great advantage.

Superior Castability: The key characteristic of zinc is that it is a fluid alloy, which means it can be a great alternative for the production of complex metal parts. The superior castability of zinc makes it suitable for the manufacturing of flawless metal parts with intricate design on them. No or a very little amount of money will be needed for secondary operations.

Low Melting Point: The power consumption mainly affects the entire manufacturing cost, which is very low with zinc die casting. This is because of the low melting point of zinc because less thermal power is required to form zinc castings. Thus, you can make good profits while selling your products at competitive prices.

Corrosion Resistance: Zinc is a great option when you need to build corrosion resistant parts. Metal parts built through zinc die casting remain stable in different organic liquids. So, consider these advantages before you choose your production mode.