15 Best Live Examples of OpenCart eCommerce Website

On 6 Jan., 2021

Where an innovative and high-performing eCommerce website has become a need of an hour, the e-retail world is highly competitive. Only with a robust eCommerce platform is it possible and OpenCart is your go-to-solution for this. That's why it's the option of 7 out of 10 online retailers.....read more...

15 Best Live Examples of OpenCart eCommerce Website

Today OpenCart is powering 396,212 live websites worldwide. We have seen a significant hike in its demand in the last 10 years. The top eCommerce giants are leveraging this technology to occupy a competitive edge in the market.

There is a defined path to success. You need to look around to find the best one. 

                                                                                  -Mark Caine

The E-retail world is highly competitive where an advanced and high performing eCommerce website has become a need of the hour. It’s only possible with a robust eCommerce platform and for this, OpenCart is your go-to-solution.  That’s the reason being it’s a choice of every 7 out of 10 online retailers.

Better if you should have a look at the stats once

As you can see in the image that OpenCart is gaining significant popularity in the market. Till date, it has powered  959,906 websites. The number itself is proof of its advancement and the benefit that it’s developers render to the e-store. Along with opencart, shopify platform is also popular in ecommerce industry, depending upon their requirement most businesses are looking to hire shopify developers at affordable rates.

Beginning With The OpenCart Benefits:

Many online retailers have shown their faith in OpenCart and launched their eCommerce store with its platform. They all call it excellent for its speed and performance. It has everything that an online entrepreneur needs to kickstart its eStore in the competitive online marketplace.

Following are the benefits of OpenCart:

  • It's simple to set up

  • It provides a site high performance & usability.

  • It contains a lot of features and extensions.

  • It saves money and time both.

  • It is ultimately eCommerce centric.

  • It has multi-store functionality.

  • It provides store owners with full control.

  • It’s cost-effective and cost-efficient.


Now, let’s peek into the 15 Live Examples of  OpenCart Websites.

1. Welovefine.com

Welovefine is known for its custom-designed clothing and accessories. It is a popular e-store with a custom theme. It's branded as “For Fans, By Fans”, WeLoveFine includes designs inspired by characters adulated by fans like My Little Pony, Star Wars, Marvel Comics, Transformers, and more.


You can find how this particular OpenCart theme displays a vast collection of hoodies, sleepwear for both women and men. Its accessories section has key rings, soft toys, bags and miscellaneous items in a manner that inspires people to purchase. The ubiquitous black background is excellent for radiating a premium look and feel.

2. CatandtheFiddle

Cat and the Fiddle is the best cake shop that sells delicious-looking desserts neatly and cleanly. This OpenCart website is beautiful because there are no added distractions; the checkout process is simple and describes delivery times even before you place your order.


For selling perishable items online is always a critical business as one has to keep track of the eatables delivery time. Cat and the Fiddle claim to be Singapore’s best cake shop online, and you can see why that claim holds up well.

3. WoodenPosters

Posters made from wood are a new trend today as one can express their pop-culture preferences to everyone around them, in an aesthetically delightful manner. The days are gone when you have to roll up those posters against walls, and gradually watch them wither away.

woodenposters-opencart-websiteWooden Posters brings durable wood posters, and these are sold online on a Shopify website that is best to look at, easy-to-use and quite minimalistic. This OpenCart website stands out, particularly because it describes the nature of the merchandise: simplicity, aesthetic character, timelessness and neatness.

4. 6DollarShirts

It is a very known fact that people always like to wear printed t-shirts and their fashion will never go . like to wear printed t-shirts and their fashion will never go . 6Dollar Shirts makes printing and buying t-shirts easy for everyone. They begin with bringing you a tremendous OpenCart website that is simple to use, browse, and make orders.


T-shirt designs are meticulously displayed, the checkout process is easy, and it is simple to seek customer care if needed. The top slider of the website adds to the glamour of the site. If you are planning to open an eStore for selling your clothes or casual wear, you can get inspiration from this website.

5. ChocoConcept

There are times when you don’t have many products to display on your store because it is mainly a niche area. Such kinds of stores usually cater to a specific audience, and there are generally just a handful of products or services to display. In such a case, your website should be minimalist but not an empty one.


Choco Concept is the best minimalist and simple OpenCart website that displays limited products in an easy-to-view manner. It is attractive and looks like it’s quite busy, even without not having too many products to display. The checkout process is also straightforward, and customer care service is available on the site.

6. WholeSaleBox

When you have to sell too many things, especially when you are a wholesale retailer, a website like WholeSaleBox comes to handy use. You can simply browse through a wide range of products and that too without making it look cluttered or heavy.


There is a simple slider given on top of the website, and new arrivals are listed in a clean & neat manner.  If you want to change the language, speak to the customer care, or browse around to choose what you are looking for, based on the categories given there. This particular website showcases the supremacy of the OpenCart platform best.

7. Zoomkala 

Zoomkala is an online store in Iran that sells a huge assortment of products including kitchen appliances, handicrafts, digital accessories, household items, fashion and apparel. The store is designed in journal2 theme and has a simple look with a white background.


A number of eminent brands like Asus, Panasonic, Samsung, Philips, are associated with this Persian e-store. This is the best example of a heavy OpenCart e-store.

8. Telebuy 

Telebuy is an Indian e-store that sells different products including health, beauty & personal,  electronics & gadgets, kitchen, fitness equipment, home & lifestyle, and automobile accessories. It is very simple to order products from the eStore. Telebuy has used a custom OpenCart theme that offers them the designing flexibility.


The white background with red tabs makes the store look appealing. If you want to provide an accessible look and feel to your store, it’s a great example.

9. ProThemes

ProThemes provides an entirely different set of services such as  SEO analyzer tool, billing themes, PHP scripts, Addons for A to Z SEO tools, billing themes, Windows applications, hosting and domain management and more. It has used a famous OpenCart theme called Shoppica2. It has a white background with a mix of blue and pink tabs. Drupal development company can also help you get some professional themes.


The products and services listed are clearly different. Probably there couldn’t be a better B2B OpenCart store out there.

10. Jay Osbie 

Jay Osbie is a store that sells classy apparels and footwears for Nigerian men. With its chinos and shorts, shirts, shoes, and popular African designs, it lends its customers an enriching experience. The assortment includes casual, ethnic and formal wear which are especially inspired by the preferences of Nigerian men.


Jay Osbie has used the CosyOne OpenCart theme that matches the modernity and elegance of its products. It’s the best website from which you can take the idea to open your e-store for selling premium fashion collections.

11. Svapostore

SvapoStore is a web store in Italy that sells cartridges, refills and electronic cigarettes. The store runs offline too with its brick and mortar stores.  It’s surely a delight for smokers, the store also offers a wide range of aromatic products.


SvapoStore has a vast collection of e-cigars and containers. It uses a white background with greyish tabs and font.  It uses Lexus NextStore OpenCart theme and a great example for a store that provides niche and specialized products.

12. Tokocamzone

TokoCamZone store is a popular Indonesian e-store that sells cameras and accessories. The site accessories include lenses, monopod, memory card, studio equipment, tripod, camera bags, camera stabilizers and more. The web store contains a huge catalogue and is designed in journal2 theme.


The website uses a white background with a colour combination of black and yellow tabs. Again, it is a good example of using OpenCart to build a product-heavy website.

13. Brandshop

Brandshop’s OpenCart custom theme sells clothes, footwear, and accessories for Russian customers. The store provides branded products for men, women and babies. It also sells beauty products and accessories such as gadgets, sweets, gifts, and backpacks.


The e-store’s product catalogue is well-structured plus elaborately illustrated. The site has easy navigation where you can quickly find your products. Selling unrelated products on a single website, but this theme shows that you can do it easily with OpenCart.

14. Edurite

Edurite is an Indian ecommerce website that provides digital educational contents for school students.  It offers interactive material that makes learning fun. The site has followed a cognitive learning approach and helps the students to understand complex concepts with ease.  The site also has a special package for subject English Grammar.


The website has used a custom OpenCart theme that web interface interactive and adequately displays the content available for sale. Startups and stores that deal with infotainment products or belong to the education sector can seek inspiration from Edurite.

15. RoseRoseShop

RoseRoseShop is about everything but not the flowers exactly. It is a South Korean eCommerce store of cosmetic products. It offers makeup, skincare, cleansing, body & hair, and different grooming tools.  The site has an exhaustive list of brands that are classified alphabetically on to help consumers in choosing their favourite brand with ease. 

This eStore is based on the Vitalia OpenCart theme that provides it with a subtle look suitable for cosmetic products.


The combination of red and white colours on the website with the predominantly white background looks pleasing. If you are into lifestyle products & services, it’s the best OpenCart website to get the inspiration.

Final Thoughts

That’s all with the OpenCart websites. These are the top websites which are using OpenCart currently. Though there is no shortage of OpenCart themes available today and every retailer can choose their preferred theme. If they don’t find any suitable one, then they can opt for a custom theme. 

The only thing that you should always keep in mind while building your web store is that it looks attractive, has a great UX/UI, and entices consumers to shop products. The other important factors that you should also keep in mind are colours, fonts, photography, navigation, payment gateways and checkout process before choosing an OpenCart theme.

For best assistance, you can also hire opencart developers in India. They know better and can help you out best. So, get in touch today.