Is Your Field Workforce is Equipped With the Right Technology Necessary for Efficient Functioning?

On 24 Dec., 2020

As the owner of a cleaning business or as a manager of a field workforce, you can help your team to become more efficient and productive by incorporating cleaning business software in your business operations.

Is Your Field Workforce is Equipped With the Right Technology Necessary for Efficient Functioning?

Managing the field workforce effectively is integral to the success of a service business as field workers are the ones who are rendering the services at the ground level. Effective workforce management leads to improved efficiency among field workers.

The cleaning business is also one such business that runs on the efficiency of the frontline field cleaners, who are responsible for delivering the service at the client's doorstep. While the management makes sure to implement a stringent screening system to pick up the best and skilled cleaners for their team, it is also a point to consider that to work efficiently, the team also needs to be handy with the right tools and technology.

Specified software for cleaners, hands on the right kind of technology, real-time access to data, all these are extremely important for the cleaners to work competitively in the current market.

Cleaning business software suites are specially designed to minimize the field operational challenges pertaining to a cleaning business so that the cleaners have the convenience to act productively. Also, with the aid of the software, it becomes extremely easy for the manager and the supervisor to control, regulate, monitor, and assist the field staff.

Cleaning management software - Applicability and benefits for the Manager/supervisor

Nobody wants to live in a mess, thus cleaning service requests are usually of urgent-nature, and the clients want the service provider to respond and address the problem at the earliest. In such a scenario, if a service request is not resolved within the promised time frame, then it is certain to offend the clients. Thus, one of the key responsibility areas for the manager is to ensure the timely delivery of service. Cleaning business software can be of great help in this regards, here is how:

  • The manager can live track the locations of each field agent. Thus, he is always updated about their whereabouts.
  • The manager can ensure timely communication with his team members by sending them automated updates, notifications, and reminders.
  • The manager can make effective schedules for his field team members by considering aspects like their availability, their skill sets, their proximity to a job location, etc. Thus, can ensure that a job gets assigned to the nearest available field agent.
  • The manager can make optimized route plans for the field agents so that they can travel to the job sites in the shortest possible time by avoiding all the detours and traffic.

Cleaning business software - Applicability and benefits for the cleaners

  • Cleaners get on-the-move real-time access to the company's centralized database, hence doesn't have to depend on others for accessing the information they require to execute their duties
  • The field service management software for cleaners provides them the capacity to remotely handle their necessary but repetitive and mundane self-service responsibilities such as worksheet filling, marking attendance, applying for reimbursement claims, etc.
  • With the aid of the software, they can maintain transparent communication with their managers, customers, team members, or any other stakeholders.
  • They get automatic updates and reminders regarding their job schedules or any official notifications

Because of the aforementioned functionalities of the cleaning business software, the cleaners can function with increased efficiency. Appropriate scheduling, route plans, effective collaboration, and on-the-move real-time access to data, allow them to optimize their time in a more productive way.