Apple's privacy updates and the impact on the ASO!

On 15 Dec., 2020

Privacy is a very popular topic in users today, each time it is known and unknown at the same time about how companies are using our data for their own benefit.

Apple's privacy updates and the impact on the ASO!

Like it or not, it seems that we are an easier target to consume certain products the more they know about us.

This has also led to the introduction of new rules such as the somewhat famous COPPA and the GDPR in the EU.

Many companies are identifying that it is one of the concerns that surround the heads of many users, this can be seen as an advantage for others, making privacy one of the benefits of using any of their products.

A few days ago, Apple put a great emphasis on privacy, which highlighted that it would include some relevant updates regarding privacy, these would be part of IOS 14. You can read about it here:

With this on the table, we could say that there are two sides, companies know that by collecting our data they are more likely to sell us in a relatively easier way….

The impact of privacy on the ASO so far

Although you might think that ASO has little to do with user privacy and that we should not even take it into account. This would be a mistake since any update can benefit us or it could also affect us.

I don't think anyone wants us to become simple products and to spy on us 24/7… It is a concern that grows day by day.

Especially in the west

One of the aspects to consider would be the privacy highlighted as a benefit in some applications, that is to say. Imagine looking in the application store "web browser" among the first results you can see a few interesting options.

But suddenly you can see that among them there is a browser whose main feature is privacy, this browser could begin to stand out over the others.

Which would give greater visibility in turn contributing to the ASO.

Other information

4 of 5 applications that were shown in the results of the App Store on June 25 included between keywords "private" "privacy" in their titles.

This is providing us with interesting data to consider.

Companies like Apple and Google cannot turn a deaf ear to what users seem to be claiming or at least want us to believe.

The main proposal is to reinforce the privacy guidelines for each of us.

Some of the applications that are in the spotlight are those that are designed for children.

So if your goal is to create or optimize any of these applications, privacy is something that you should not overlook at any time.

What are some developers doing?

As a result of taking these measures, some developers have had to provide the audience for their work, giving details for example if their application is for children ...

By providing more information does not mean that it has a direct impact on the positioning, but it is something that the public will be more available and satisfied when it comes to downloading.

By making it clear that you care about people's privacy, you will gain significant weight over your competitors.

In the Google store, developers who choose to remove intrusive SDKs in their applications may have a relevant benefit for greater visibility.

Since Google considers that the size of an application is vital for Android users.

The constant changes in the market can lead to the privacy that you want to implement in iOS, having an impact on users, giving more relevance to products of this type, changing the vision and role of the ASO.

Technically, some advertisers may be forced to rely more on slightly more ambiguous and predictive data provided by the App Store or any other platform.

This is where the ASO can play a fundamental role so that the acquisition of new users is not overlooked with the organic traffic in the results of the application stores.