Here’s What To Do if Your Backup Generator Doesn’t Start

On 24 Nov., 2020

The units that we deliver are quality assured and are well equipped with the latest technology.

Here’s What To Do if Your Backup Generator Doesn’t Start

The application of a backup generator is no longer limited to just major industries that can’t afford to go without a constant power supply. The modern units are more powerful, portable, and affordable than ever before, thereby making them an acquirable luxury to many households and small shops all over the world. Also, the world we live in today seems to throw up surprises from out of nowhere, most of which aren’t pleasant, which has raised the need for business owners to always remain on their toes.

If the year 2020 has shown us anything, it’s that we must always expect the unexpected, and power outages by design strike at the most unwelcomed and unexpected times. In the older times, the worst-case scenario with a sudden power outage simply meant having to spend a few hours without the comforts of the fans and television sets, however, our modern industry is significantly dependent on the heavy-duty machinery to work on our behalf, thereby making these power outages more damaging to the economy than ever before.

Backup generators are the answer to this serious concern, as they have been for a number of decades. Diesel generators remain the flavor of the town even after being in existence for over a century. Even when we have the off-grid technology available to us, diesel gensets are still entrusted by a majority of residents as well as business owners thanks to their unmatched power efficiency and long shelf life.

However, as impressive as these machines are, they are not indestructible, especially when operating under negligence. People dwelling in areas of harsh climatic conditions will often find themselves in a precarious situation, where they desperately need the generator to save the day but it fails to start. Now, the reasons for it are many, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are powerless against a non-functional diesel genset.

By following a few pro-tips, you can ensure that your generator is resurrected back into action and is able to operate without any further hiccups. With that being said, here are a few steps that you must take if your backup generator fails to start.

Check the fuel source:

The fuel system is the most important part of the whole electricity generation process. The fuel ensures the right amount of power to the engines for the proper functioning of the electricity generation. Different engines use different power sources. The latest technology and innovations have upgraded the systems. Now, most of the power sets have multi-grid systems for the fuel. In case of the insufficient energy, these engines take power from other sources of fuel. Checking your generator fuel gauge is of mighty importance.

If you find that your generators are not working, then ensure that the machine has the right amount of fuel supply. The timely maintenance of the fuel system is very important. The good fuel sources that should be preferred for the engines are diesel, liquids, solar energy, and battery power. The same supervision is required by the battery-operated engines. Always check the battery banks in the fuel meters before starting the device. 

Check the cooling system:

If you are a regular operator of the power generators, then you might have noticed that the continuous use of the generators will suddenly result in the power off of the generator device. In these situations, the operators rush for the technical experts to check the supply system. You can save the technical expert’s charges by knowing this important point. The extensive and regular use of the device can heat the engines of the generators—the comprehensive heating results in the power-down of the devices. Every generator has a cooling system to reduce the heating effect on the engines. There are mainly two types of cooling systems. 

  • Liquid Cooling System

  • Air-cooled Cooling System

Both types of cooling systems are used in the industries. If there is any problem in the cooling system, that the engines might get heated due to the friction produced in the motor during the production of the mechanical energy. Check the cooling system. If the generator has a liquid cooling system, then check the availability of the liquid lubricants in the supply system. The air cooling system may require timely cleaning of the supply channels as there might be the deposition of small particles in the tubes. 

Other Problems:

If all these systems are in good condition, then there might be the chances of some significant problem with your supply system process. It is the time where you need the supervision and guidance of the technicians. Call your technical experts before the situation gets more complicated. You must also book the supervision plans with these technicians for a complete check-up of your device. The new generator sets have a guarantee and warranty period.

During this time, you can claim the company for the change and replacement of the defected parts. Many sellers provide the after-sale services and free technicians for the servicing of your [ower set system during initial years of purchase. If you have purchased the used generators, then you can claim to the selling party to bear the cost of expenses. It generally depends on the terms and conditions formed at the time of the purchase. 

# Conclusion:-

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