Tobeprecisesms: SMS Service During A Pandemic?

On 24 Oct., 2020

Talk to the Best SMS Company in UAE, and discuss how you can maintain your goal, as well as empathy...

Tobeprecisesms: SMS Service During A Pandemic?

The coronavirus crisis took everyone by surprise, and companies that have not adapted to the new reality face difficulties to maintain themselves in this scenario. Face-to-face interactions between brands and consumers have become rare, and those who do not know how to Use Global SMS Marketing during a Pandemic are doomed to fail. The digital mean of information has been an invaluable tool in this situation.

Through social media posts, live videos, and advertisements, small businesses can talk to their target audience during the pandemic. But, they are not as active and effective as bulk SMS campaigns. The global SMS Gateway Provider in UAE, in particular, offers you a huge potential to reach people and convey the message you want. By showing empathy, social responsibility, and awareness, companies can take advantage of global SMS marketing to safely get through the pandemic.

Why Use global SMS during a Pandemic?

How many times do you open an e-mail notification on your Smartphone? And how many times do you read the messages that you have just received? If the answer is what we are thinking, then you already know the importance of SMS marketing. With a 90% opening rate, a global SMS campaign can make all the difference (to reach potential customers) in this pandemic, which any other medium has failed to do so. It is why you, as an entrepreneur, must use global SMS during a Pandemic. SMS marketing is reaching a wider audience than ever before.

Statistics show that global SMS marketing open rates increased by up to 28% during the quarantine. Weekly increases in opening rates were 5 to 10%. People are reading their messages a lot more – a side effect of being confined at home. All you need is to hire a Professional SMS Gateway Provider in UAE so that you can design the strategy and reach millions of people worldwide at affordable prices. Global SMS marketing offers an unparalleled opportunity for personalization. Companies can tailor content (short-code SMS) to their specific interests by segmenting their contact lists.

What to do in SMS marketing?

What can brands do to improve their SMS marketing during COVID-19? The SMEs must hire professional SMS API providers in UAE so that the effect is positive. Besides following generally acceptable SMS marketing practices, here are some tips for adjusting to current circumstances.

Keep your message clear –

In a recent report, marketing experts found maintaining a central message and preventing it from becoming confused are the most critical points for effective global SMS marketing. And it is essential during the coronavirus.

Demonstrate social responsibility –

Brands need to demonstrate awareness of the challenges that people and communities face during the current crisis. Showing empathy and sharing care tips are excellent ways to show this in SMS marketing. Talk to the Best SMS Company in UAE, and discuss how you can maintain your goal, as well as empathy.

Focus your SMS marketing on the most critical issues for customers. One thing is for sure: SMS marketing has established itself as a high-potential channel for brands to connect with their customers during the pandemic.