India’s Best Solar Panels: Solar systems Manufacturer in India - Novergy Solar

On 24 Oct., 2020

Novergy is the best Solar Panels Manufacturer in India with 14+ years of experience offering premium quality solar energy equipment like solar panels, inverters and water pumps. We use the highest quality raw materials with high efficiency & lower degradation.

India’s Best Solar Panels: Solar systems Manufacturer in India - Novergy Solar

With Novergy, you can slash the electricity expenses and enhance profitability at the same time. Novergy Opex Rooftop Solutions make sustainability and compliance with Government RPO norms achievable with ZERO capital expenditure. We are a reliable solar partner with a global foothold. By implementing the new-age and the most efficient technology, we have sold over 150MW. We have 14+ years of industry-expertise and have worked with numerous industrial, corporate, PSU and government clients.

Novergy specializes in Twin peak, Half-cut solar modules and BIPV solar panels. We are the leading solar panels manufacturers in India offering varied range of solar solutions. We are also the pioneers of Monocrystaline & Polycrystaline Solar panels. Our Solar pumps can operate independent of grid or genset facilitating various kinds of pumping and irrigation requirements. Novergy also provides ready to install, pre-designed and pre-engineered Solar kits in various combinations.

The solar panels from Novergy generate up to 60% more energy. They are exclusively designed to maximize power and performance with their quality workmanship and strong mechanical strength. These modules are ideal for sites with space scarcity.        
Novergy’s crystalline technology promises 20.7% efficiency compared to standard crystalline technology which gives only 16% efficiency. It translates to faster ROI and efficient cost savings.
With more than 13 years of experience in this industry, we have built the trust with over 30 countries.