Explore How Cleanroom Molding is Different From Other Methods

On 22 Oct., 2020

The only major difference between cleanroom injection molding and other conventional molding methods is that the plastic parts built through this method are non-contaminated and absolutely dust-free.

Explore How Cleanroom Molding is Different From Other Methods

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If you are working in the field of plastic parts production, then you must know about the Cleanroom Molding Small Batch service of China Casting Orlando. It is a very common manufacturing method, but a bit different from other normal injection molding methods. It is basically used for the production of such products that need to be absolutely dust-free and error-free. Continue reading this article to explore the major difference between Cleanroom Molding Small Batch service and other injection molding services of China Casting Orlando.

While the entire process remains the same, the major difference is that the entire manufacturing process takes place in a room free of dust. This is how you get contamination-free and flawless end products. Such products are often used in the medical department, but not limited to this field only. There are several other fields where we need such plastic parts and cleanroom molding is definitely the most appropriate choice in that case.

Machinery used in the production are automated to minimize the contamination possibility. With automated machines, chances of an error in end products are also very low, which is always a great advantage. You can win customer trust only with faultless production. A quality product by you will attract daily new customers to your company.

Other basic things you should know about cleanroom injection molding:

  • Cleanrooms are classified into 9 different classes, denoted as Class-1, Class-2, and so on. Depending on your client’s requirement, you should choose the right class for production. You must also know that the contamination chances in the end products depend on the level of the cleanroom. Considering this, you should first consult with an experienced engineer before kicking on production.
  • The quality of the mold is another factor that affects the quality of final products, which means you need to hire an efficient moldmaking agency who can provide you top molds for flawless production. No company can survive for too long without delivering quality products and therefore, you should be accurate with your strategies. Along with that, machinery also needs to be advanced and of a reliable company. These simple strategies can help you do a good business in the field of cleanroom injection molding.