How to Manage Hot Desk Reservation System in the Post-COVID Workplace

On 13 Oct., 2020

Fast-growing companies are more likely to run out of desks in their office. DeskFlex hot desk booking system helps in maximizing your office space to cater to all employees.

How to Manage Hot Desk Reservation System in the Post-COVID Workplace

The corporate world is fast-growing. And as businesses expand and increase, it requires facility expansion as well. The development of buildings and the physical office is not a problem, but seeing some spaces not frequently used can be a waste of money and resources.

There are still a few desks, and office spaces left unused with business travels, vacation leave, sickness, and explorations in your company. So how do you turn an existing office space into a productive workplace despite the growing number of users?

Modern problems require modern solutions, and for your office space, a hot desk booking system saves you from further physical renovations needed.

What is a Hot Desk Reservation System?

A hot desk reservation system or hot desk booking system is a software solution for managing office spaces. It helps workers choose a comfortable area among a pool of desks in the office. Unlike the traditional fixed seating assignment, employees can get to sit in different places each day.

How can Companies Manage a Hot-Desking Workplace?

Shifting to using a hot desk booking system is difficult for others. However, there are several ways to maintain and improve your company’s performance even after switching.

Administer the Change

Switching to hot-desking can significantly affect your employees or their performance. To make them like your newly-adopted system, you may explain the benefits of using a hot desk reservation system. Furthermore, you may also discuss how it works and be honest about how it will affect their work.

Lean onto Technology

The success of hot-desking dramatically depends on the technology used. From messaging apps to cloud-based tools for collaborative working, real-time syncing is essential. With this in mind, ensure that all workers have access to the company networks and systems when hot desking.

Let Your Workers Own a Space

Because hot desking means temporary desks, workers might find it hassle to transfer things from time to time. Perhaps the best solution is to provide lockers so they won’t have to carry stuff for a whole workspace in their backpacks.

Maintain Cleanliness in Workspaces

Shared office spaces are home to millions of bacteria that can cause diseases. Aside from reminding users to clean their desks every after use, use a hot desk booking system to schedule cleaning and sanitizing. Especially during this pandemic, it is essential to implement regular cleaning schedules in all office spaces and equipment.

Create a Firm Hot Desking Policy

To ensure that switching to hot desking is efficient and smooth, introduce a firm policy for everyone. See to it that everyone understands how it works and how it will affect users, and furnish all employees a copy of the rules and regulations.

When switching to hot desking, show employees that you are doing the change with them, not to them. Be supportive throughout the process and give them time to adjust. Challenges in switching to hot desking might pour at first. But as time passes, you will slowly learn how to manage the office accordingly until eventually creating a successful and efficient hot-desking workplace for everyone.

How to Manage Hot Desk Reservation System in the Post-COVID Workplace