A Complete Range of Vape Boxes for Your Vape Business

On 12 Oct., 2020

If you are looking for packaging options for your vape products, your search ends here. We at Dodo Packaging offer a great variety of stock and customization.

A Complete Range of Vape Boxes for Your Vape Business


To cope with the fierce competition in the market, your vape business needs to cover all of the packaging range vital to run your vape business. As you are in a vape business, you would know vape comes with a lot of accessories. These additional accessories require their designated boxes with custom prints, custom designs, and everything that completes a packaging.

This article will get you through all the essentials of packaging you may require to run an entire vape business.

Vape Cart Boxes

Vape cart is a type of vape but a pen-shaped one. These vape carts are getting very popular due to their convenience. Vape carts are easy to carry anywhere and everywhere. While it is  an entirely different product, it requires an altogether different packaging.


Packaging companies offer special vape cart boxes made with all types of biodegradable materials. The most popular kind for a vape cart is window cut boxes. These boxes come with a pre-cut window that allows consumers to see the vape cart’s shape and design.


Vape Kit Boxes

Vape kit, as we all know, is the main component of vape. Like every other product, they also require a complete packaging solution. These vape kits are relatively heavier and even a bit delicate. They may not survive a tiny fall. So, to cope with this solution, packaging companies have prepared a robust and rigid packaging for vape kits.

Vape kit boxes come with vape shaped foam inserts that can keep your vape kit completely intact and secure. With these foam inserts, you will not need to worry about any damage or harm that could make your vape priceless.

Furthermore, with the help of custom printing and custom design, you can make your ordinary vape kit boxes look like a gem.


Vape Tank Boxes

Vape tanks are one of the essential parts of a vape kit. These tanks contain the e-liquid. If you are not selling vape tanks as an accessory, you are missing a lot of customer base. People buy vape tanks to improve the overall look and performance of their vape.

Vape tanks also have their packaging. You can get vape tank boxes in any shape and design as per your requirement.  However, the most recommended type for a vape tank packaging is the sliding drawer design. These sliding boxes are considered as the most premium and high-quality packages in the packaging industry.

Vape tanks also come under fragile products. That means they also require proper cushioning that could keep the vape safe and sound. Don’t let yourself fall into any tricks and use classic boxes for your vapes as they won’t provide the protection they need.

Vape Mod Boxes

Vape mods are the classic vapes that you see everywhere. However, many vape companies offer a complete set of accessories with an extra tank and other essential vape components.

A complete set of accessories will require you a large box that could contain all of the items. Moreover, these all-in-one boxes can save you a lot of costs. Likewise, people also prefer buying a complete set of vape mod with all of its accessories. Get vape mod boxes that you adjust all of the parts that you are offering for your clients.


Custom Vape boxes

These all packaging solutions come down to one thing, customization. If you don’t customize your vape boxes, you will not stand out in the market. Packaging companies offer a wide range of customization options that you can get for your custom printed vape boxes. Nevertheless, there are some essentials that you must include while designing your vape box.

First things first, you need to have a unique design for your vape box. A classic auto bottom box may not work very well for you, as many companies are already using them. Get something different, such as telescopic boxes, flip-top box, or any other you can make vape stand out in the market.


After the designing part, you need to get your boxes print with engaging graphics, tag lines, and of course, logo. While you are on the printing stage, make sure that your packaging company uses quality printing techniques. Poor or low-quality printing can make a wrong impression of the vape brand in the market. The printing on the vape box should last longer, as you don’t know how much time vape might stay on the shelf.

However, you can also use an additional coating that can increase your print’s life. You can use matte or gloss coating to make your image more alluring and long-lasting.