Just me & DBT

On 29 Sept., 2020

Overview of one life changing doctrine. Guaranteed

Just me & DBT


       In just a few months from now - I will reach the unfortunate point where I'm officially marking the exact day in which I'll be in my inevitable mid 30's.  
If you'll ask me, and only in case I'll tell you the truth – and nothing but the truth, I'll reveal to you my secret. That all through my adult life, there was no sign of even the slightest stability in the way I chose to conduct my personal life, and even my day to day routine.

    You could clearly see it in the way I used to switch work places and even occupations – way to easily and more often then you could even believe. Not only that, I would even switch apartments on a monthly basis. No, I'm not exaggerating – remember; nothing but the truth. There was even a time when I wandered through cities and regions even, with only one luggage and one unlucky kitten in my possession. I had moved so often, that I had no choice but to renounce all possession what so ever. And yes – I had plenty of it. 

     I did it all in aim to accomplish and challenge myself with new beginnings, new places, new environment and in general – to find and reveal new ways of living my life successfully and with a sense of never ending fulfillment, doing whatever I choose to do and where ever I chose to live. 
    So far, sounds great – doesn’t it? Well, looking back, if I hadn’t been so unstable – I clearly could have nurture a comfortable and promising career by now, earning a solid paycheck with benefits you all could probably only dream of. Maybe, but just maybe – I would even manage to save up a significant Amount of money for a rainy day – instead of throwing it all and investing it in all the costs included in rent and moving expenses. Maybe, I would even be able to nourish some potential relationships with others, just by staying put. 
One place. One city at a time. Significant time.

     So what changed, you wonder? More importantly – what caused the big change and how did I stop these patterns in my life so utterly and deceitfully?        
I can tell you the answer and I can also reveal to you the method, but only if you'll promise to give it a try! Otherwise – you've just been reading all this personal mambo jumbo for no reason at all…
     Well, it's called DBT – Dialectical Behavior Therapy. I had been learning this method for the past six months now, during it all - constantly implementing it on myself, attributing to it one success after another, one or two superb steps at a time.
In general, DBT is a type of cognitive-behavioral therapy. Its main goals are to teach people how to live in the moment, develop healthy ways to cope with stress, regulate their emotions, and improve their relationships with others. ( ) With DBT, I have learned a few strategies to accept and tolerate life circumstances, my emotions, and even just myself. I had also developed skills that helped me make positive changes in my recurring behaviors and even interactions with others.

     With time and practice, I learned how to analyze problems and destructive behavior patterns, such as those I had mentioned, and how to replace them with more healthy and effective ones.
Moreover, in case you'll be convinced after reading all this - to try this method - You'll focus, just like I did, on changing your thoughts, your beliefs, behaviors, and actions that are not effective or helpful. You’ll also learn new skills to enhance your capabilities. Learn how to recognize your positive strengths and how to develop and use them  in your everyday life. Just like I did.
It will most defiantly help you focus on the present or “live in the moment.” This way, you'll learn new strategies of paying attention to what is happening inside you (your thoughts, feelings, sensations, and impulse). 

    And so, I'm excited to say -  that I'm writing these words for you all to read; right from my permanent desk, in my permanent apartment, with my permanent computer - from my permanent and wonderful job, in which I'm striving  to keep – at list until I'll reach pension. 

    Yes. This is the new permanent me. So, what about you? Wouldn’t you like to learn these skills and strategies? Aren't there habits and behaviors in your life and in your personality even, that you wished you could demolish? 
    Well, what are you waiting for? Go! Don’t wait another second - Go ahead and discover. Explore – yourself and your capabilities, right now! Go learn a bit about DBT, and I promise you – it will change your life just like it changed mine.

     Godspeed to you all, and don’t forget to write and describe your findings and accomplishments!!!!!! Hope to See you in only the best form of yourselves soon enough…