Corporate Office Design Trends

On 15 Sept., 2020

Designing your own office space may be the only way to make your working day just a little bit happier and easier to get through. Nobody likes being stuck behind a desk for nine hours a day, especially in an office that’s uninspiring and boring, so you need to do something about this situation and change the paradigm. Luckily, introducing new design trends is easy since there are so many of them around us, and you just need to pick the ones that are going to work for you the most. If you still don’t know what to do, here are a few ideas you could look into.

Corporate Office Design Trends


Open concepts

The days of separating your employees from each other and restricting them to a cubicle are behind us, and that’s why more and more companies are exploring the benefits of open-plan offices. Although they may not seem like the perfect solution, they’re actually much better than you can imagine, and definitely worth looking into.

Increasing collaboration and unity between your staff, building private and personal relationships, boosting their motivation and making them more productive are just some of the benefits of this design. Don’t forget the reduced construction costs and a more sustainable approach to office design, as these are quite important in the long run as well and could turn your company from ordinary to extraordinary before you know it.


Casual spaces

No matter how much you value creativity and productivity, you don’t expect your employees to work all day long without taking a break, do you? Well, even if you do, you shouldn’t, because that’s just not right. Instead, you need to encourage them to come up with their own personal tempo and give themselves enough time to cool off. 

This way, they’ll keep their stress level low, yet still manage to complete all their work-related tasks, thus being happier and more productive than ever. The best way to make this happen is by giving them some casual space in the office where they can relax and prepare for what’s next on their agenda. Game rooms, cafeterias and lounges are just some of the spaces they need, so make sure your office has at least a few of these options incorporated into its design.


Safety features

Insisting on safety might not be at the top of everyone’s list of priorities, but it’s still one of the most important features of every modern office space. Accidents can happen quicker than you can anticipate, and it’s the job of a manager to prevent them and minimize the chances for their occurrence. 

If you plan on buying new office equipment, think about the price and quality and do thorough research to find the best possible options. In addition to that, include a safety feature because you’ll want to make sure the equipment you bought is safe for everyone in the office.

Motivating colors

This might sound like the oldest trick in the book and an idea that won’t bring any results, but you’d be surprised to learn what kind of a change a motivating color scheme can introduce in your office space. Different colors trigger different emotions and responses, from productivity and motivation to alertness and punctuality, so explore their benefits and decide which one might be the most beneficial to you and your staff.

Once you pick a color scheme you’re satisfied with, start applying it everywhere you can – from the walls, floors, window curtains and doors, to the desks and chairs. Being surrounded by colors that are stimulating and visually appealing at the same time will encourage your staff to work harder and become more dedicated to their jobs, and that’s something every entrepreneur is trying to achieve. 


Office design trends keep changing every single year, as some of them are deemed outdated by the professionals, while others gain more attention. That’s why you need to follow them closely and always know which ones are perfect for you and your employees, and then start incorporating them into your office space as soon as possible.